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MKSAP Quiz: Genetic consult for breast cancer risk

A 29-year-old woman requests advice after receipt of a direct-to-consumer genetic test result that included BRCA gene analysis. She has no breast symptoms and has not undergone any previous breast cancer screening. Following a physical exam and other findings, what is the most appropriate management?
13 Sep 2022

Rethinking advance care planning

While more physicians are reporting having conversations about advance care planning with their patients, it's still far from common.
1 May 2022

Breast cancer overdiagnosis may not happen as frequently as previously thought

About 15% of breast cancers detected by biennial mammograms in women ages 50 to 74 years would never have progressed or caused harm in the women's lifetimes, a new retrospective study found.
1 Mar 2022

Early exercise after breast cancer surgery may help improve upper limb disability

A randomized trial in the United Kingdom found that women at risk for postoperative upper limb disability after breast cancer surgery had better functional outcomes when assigned to a structured exercise program, with no associated increase in complications or adverse events.
16 Nov 2021

MKSAP Quiz: Evaluation for headaches and nausea

A 45-year-old woman is evaluated for headaches and nausea that started 2 weeks ago. Her headaches are worse in the morning and have been associated with vomiting. Medical history is significant for metastatic breast cancer diagnosed 4 years ago. Physical and funduscopic exam and an MRI of the brain are done. Based on the findings, what is the most appropriate initial treatment?
1 Mar 2022

Starting mammography screening at age 40 years in Black women could decrease breast cancer deaths

Breast cancer deaths could be cut by starting mammography screening in Black women 10 years earlier than in White women, a modeling study predicted.
19 Oct 2021

Screening based on breast density at age 40 may reduce breast cancer mortality

A study supported screening all women at age 40 years to measure breast density, then assigning women with denser breasts to continued annual screening and other women to biennial screening starting at age 50 years, but an accompanying editorial raised concerns about this strategy.
9 Feb 2021

DynaMed Plus Quiz: Breast cancer screening

Test yourself with this quiz from DynaMed Plus.
1 Jul 2017

Association of breast cancer with hormone replacement therapy varies by regimen

A recent British study found differences in breast cancer risk by duration, recency, and specific formulation of hormone replacement therapy, although any use of hormones was associated with higher cancer risk than never use.
3 Nov 2020

Internist follow-up key for breast cancer survivors

Breast cancer survivors may recover from their illness only to face the same diseases as their “well” peers, such as hypertension and diabetes. Experts suggest a shared care model to keep breast cancer survivors healthy.
1 May 2009

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