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ACP issues guidance statement for breast cancer screening of average-risk women with no symptoms | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

Screening with mammography every other year results in no significant difference in breast cancer mortality while substantially reducing screening harms when compared to annual screening. ... About 20% of women diagnosed with breast cancer over a 10-year
April 2019

Internist follow-up key for breast cancer survivors

Jacqueline Fincher, FACP, is vigilant in her management of patients with breast cancer. ... That connection has become more important with so many more women surviving breast cancer.
May 2009

Palbociclib appears to prolong progression-free survival in women with metastatic breast cancer

Palbociclib appears to prolong progression-free survival in women with metastatic breast cancer. ... Imagine that you’re 55 years old and living with metastatic breast cancer.
May 2022

Breast cancer screening: of chances and choices

But today, I am on a different mission; today's topic is breast cancer screening. ... Whatever the net effects of breast cancer screening, they should be distributed equitably.
May 2022

Parsing the pros and cons of breast cancer screening

In the video, the head of the Nordic Cochrane Center makes an emphatic case against breast cancer screening. ... Breast cancer screening approaches are not perfect, but I, along with the U.S.
May 2022

Heavy on my soul

Yeah. One year into coming back to Grady, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. ... A week later, she would find out why. Acute leukemia. Yes, after licking breast cancer, she now had a new cross to bear.
May 2022

Predicting risk is next challenge in tackling breast cancer

women with an approximately 20% to 25% or greater lifetime risk of breast cancer. ... Tamoxifen and raloxifene halve the incidence of breast cancer among women at increased risk.
June 2009

ACP Internist

The age to start and discontinue mammography, screening intervals, the role of imaging methods other than mammography, and the role of clinical breast examination have been points of disagreement among guideline

QD: News Every Day--Breast cancer diagnosis can lead to less exercise

A breast cancer diagnosis reduced exercise in women below that of national recommended guidelines, with black women particularly susceptible, a study found. ... Results appeared online at CANCER. Only 35% of study participants met current physical
May 2022

Where are we now with breast cancer screening?

Many women incorrectly think that their personal risk of a breast cancer diagnosis is higher than it really is. ... The majority of women with breast cancer do NOT have this genetic mutation.
May 2022

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