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Studies, CMS look at lowering prescription prices

Even as Medicare seeks to negotiate down the costs of 10 prescription drugs, researchers are examining the effectiveness of existing private programs to provide lower drug costs and copays.
5 Sep 2023

OTC birth control pill, naloxone gain approval

This column reviews recent recalls, alerts, and approvals.
1 Sep 2023

MKSAP Quiz: Evaluation for daytime sleepiness

A 72-year-old man is evaluated for daytime sleepiness. His wife notes that he snores. He sleeps 8 hours each night. On most days of the week, he feels sleepy and will nap for 45 minutes. Following a physical exam and review of a previous procedure, what is the most appropriate test?
8 Aug 2023

Take TIAs as seriously as a stroke

Internal medicine physicians play a critical role in educating patients about the seriousness of transient ischemic attacks and preventing their recurrence.
1 May 2023

Patients with atrial fibrillation likely to underestimate bleeding risks of anticoagulants

Women were significantly less likely than men to underestimate their bleeding risk, and a history of bleeding was associated with a threefold increased likelihood of inaccurate perception of bleeding risk, according to a study of atrial fibrillation patients.
24 Aug 2021

MKSAP Quiz: new-onset atrial fibrillation

A 30-year-old woman is evaluated for management of new-onset atrial fibrillation. She has a history of tetralogy of Fallot that was repaired at age 18 months. She has had no cardiovascular concerns since then and has not had regular follow-up since childhood. What is the most likely cause of this patient's atrial fibrillation?.
1 Sep 2010

DOACs associated with lower risk of fracture than warfarin in atrial fibrillation

Patients taking apixaban, dabigatran, or rivaroxaban had lower rates of hip and vertebral fractures than those taking warfarin, with no difference seen between the direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs).
19 May 2020

Alcohol abstinence may reduce secondary atrial fibrillation, randomized trial finds

An editorial noted the potential difficulty of convincing patients who drink regularly to abstain from alcohol long enough to make a difference.
7 Jan 2020

MKSAP Quiz: Abrupt-onset palpitations

A 42-year-old woman is evaluated in the emergency department for abrupt-onset palpitations. For the past year, she has been having similar episodes with increasing frequency. Following a physical exam and ECG, what is the most likely rhythm diagnosis?
1 Jun 2022

ACP offers free webinar on atrial fibrillation stroke prevention on March 6

Attendees will learn how to effectively assess at-risk patients, discuss the relationship between atrial fibrillation and stroke, and discuss effective prevention strategies.
12 Feb 2019

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