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Data drive debate over antivirals, theory vs. practice

We were maybe a little bit surprised about how low the antiviral prescribing was in high-risk patients,” Dr. ... The IDSA and CDC reaffirmed their recommendations on use of antivirals in response to publication of the Cochrane reviews.
October 2014

MERS: a primer

Treatment. • No specific antiviral therapy is currently available. • Treatment is focused on supportive care.
December 2021

What is shingles?

We treat shingles with antiviral medication (valcyclovir ) and pain control. .
December 2021

Flu us twice

We have antiviral drugs that are at least often and partially effective against flu.
December 2021

An update on flu season

Antiviral medication works best if taken in the first 48 hours after the onset of symptoms.
December 2021

QD: News Every Day--Coffee boosts hepatitis C treatment

Researchers noted their observations in Gastroenterology. The lead-in phase of Hepatitis C Antiviral Long-Term Treatment Against Cirrhosis trial (HALT-C) enrolled hepatitis C patients who had an Ishak fibrosis
December 2021

QD: News Every Day--One stolen laptop threatens all doctors' personal data

H1N1 influenza. The World Health Organization urged prompt antiviral treatments in people with suspected H1N1 flu because it can lead to pneumonia so quickly in young, otherwise healthy people.
December 2021

Warning on using hep C drugs with amiodarone This update covers combining amiodarone, sofosbuvir, and another direct-acting antiviral for hepatitis C, as well as the approval of a non-invasive ... A warning about combining amiodarone, sofosbuvir
June 2015

QD: News Every Day--CDC tells doctors to avoid basing flu decisions on rapid results tests

Physicians should rely on neither test results nor laboratory confirmation of influenza to make decisions about starting antiviral treatment, the CDC advised. ... Instead, when there is clinical suspicion of influenza and antiviral treatment is indicated,
December 2021

Flu, light, and the truth

The CDC provides very helpful information about antiviral medications on-line. The simple truth is that the flu ranks among the great infectious disease killers in human history, and is an
December 2021

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