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Managing medication adherence

Medication adherence in the U.S. has long been a target for improvement. ... Mobile telephone text messaging for medication adherence in chronic disease: a meta-analysis.
March 2017

QD: News Every Day--Statins' boost to erectile function may promote adherence

QD: News Every Day--Statins' boost to erectile function may promote adherence. ... improving erectile function might improve adherence to statin therapy, he added.
May 2022

Mental health

Researchers assessed psychotherapy engagement by the number of sessions completed and pharmacotherapy engagement by the medication adherence item from the Schizophrenia Care and Assessment Program Health Questionnaire (SCAP-HQ). ... PCL-5
February 2022

Google, information, and patient engagement

The argument is pretty straightforward: management depends both on the physician's recommendations and the patient's adherence, and physicians can't control the latter. ... I have argued that physicians have more influence on adherence than they may care
May 2022

SSI prevention bundle in cardiac, hip, and knee surgery

adherence). The key finding for me relates to the number of months where there were 0 SSIs across all 20 hospitals. ... and given the modest adherence to the bundle, “Moving forward, efforts to promote and maintain adherence to prevention protocols
May 2022

Adjusting the adjustment

One is to assess processes of care, such as adherence to established best practices and evidence-based treatment guidelines.
May 2022

Shorter regimens can boost adherence in latent TB infection Treatment is essential to reducing disease incidence. ... However, adherence rates were 82% and 69%, respectively. “This is really the conclusion
January 2020

Promoting literacy to increase adherence

Roughly 80 million Americans navigate health care's complexities with limited health literacy skills. Learn easy steps that help patients understand what they need to do, without the need for formal literacy screening or for questions that might
July 2011

Peripheral artery disease

A coach viewed the accelerometer data from the exercise groups and called patients on a weekly basis for 12 months to help with exercise adherence.
April 2021

Medical 'reversals'

whom it was correctly assumed would have higher adherence in swallowing daily pills), addressed the question of whether or not aspirin has true live-saving benefit.
May 2022

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