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Twitter within academic medicine

Twitter within academic medicine. I have had the opportunity to do several presentations about Social Media in Medicine and Medical Education. ... audience about how Twitter is perceived within the neurosciences sphere of academic medicine.
November 2021

QD: News Every Day--Women earn $12,000 less annually in academic medicine

QD: News Every Day--Women earn $12,000 less annually in academic medicine. ... Leadership positions and academic rank might also explain some of the pay gap.
November 2021

Pushing toward gender equity in medicine

Beeler WH, Mangurian C, Jagsi R. Unplugging the pipeline—a call for term limits in academic medicine. ... 2018;169:658-661. Richter KP, Clark L, Wick JA, et al. Women physicians and promotion in academic medicine.
January 2021

Do you know how big you are? | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

The story highlights the significance in academic medicine of both psychological size and safety, which Dr. ... All articles from the April 11, 2019, Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News Newsletter.
April 2019

Resident burnout--not fixed

Resident burnout--not fixed. An article in Academic Medicine has this conclusion: “Job burnout and self-reported sleepiness in IM resident physicians were unchanged after the 2011 DHRs at 3 academic ... Bob and da boss. He is an academic general
November 2021

Leaders in academic medicine should channel Ganesh

Leaders in academic medicine should channel Ganesh. Last night I had a wonderful dinner with a previous family medicine resident and his family. ... We in academic medicine, we in medical societies, and perhaps other health care leaders should reframe
November 2021

Direct primary care--understand the appeal before you criticize

Martin Donohoe, MD, in a letter criticizing the paper Academic Medicine and Concierge Practice makes what I consider the tired, holier than thou, ethical argument that such practices are in fact ... Bob Doherty, writing for ACP, offered a very thoughtful
November 2021

Health and socioeconomic status

But now, a new study in Academic Medicine finds that contact with poor patients at teaching hospitals causes medical students to have lower opinions of the poor in general.
November 2021

QD: News Every Day--AAMC guidelines state 13 skills all residents should have 'day 1'

Academic Medicine recently published 2 ahead-of-print online articles that examine the efforts of a U.S. ... From Theory to Practice: Making Entrustable Professional Activities Come to Life in the Context of Milestones, which discusses the importance of
November 2021

Pinpointing the transition from human to doctor

need of help," says a new study in Academic Medicine. ... Researchers attribute the problem to a number of factors, including a lack of role models, too much to learn, lack of sleep, technology and a focus on the science of medicine.
November 2021

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