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ACP Internist

The latest news, ideas and trends in internal medicine.
July 2020


The Toronto convention center may be unwieldy in size and design. (I've already set a personal best for escalators ridden in a single day.) ...
July 2020


I tell myself: Speak in tones that aren't patronizing and sorrowful or as if you're irrevocably broken. Then coach yourself away from the fe...
July 2020


“Baby, you will rise. Limit is the skies. Don't you let nobody fill your head up with their lies.” —Amel Larrieux I was once sitting at a ta...
July 2020

$35 a day

A new paper in the American Journal of Infection Control takes a look at the cost of contact precautions. The investigators determined tha...
July 2020

Joke of the day

During a morning session on end-of-life conversations, Janet L. Abrahm, MD, FACP, reviewed some common difficult conversations, including th...
July 2020

Out of context

This quote from a session on communication would make a little more sense in context, but I much prefer it as is. "If the doctors don't want...
July 2020

Lessons from an outbreak

Learn details about the meeting, and email us at to let us know what sessions you're most excited about.
March 2020


I have written previously about some “ aha moments “ that I have had as a clinician, when something that I knew was coming seemed to arrive ...
July 2020


Finally, the purists out there who require demonstration of efficacy by a randomized clinical trial before attempting a novel therapy can no...
July 2020

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