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Climate change and consultation training

The implicit implication is that climate change is responsible for Zika's spread. ... The Zika virus is one of several infections whose incidence can be correlated to climate change.
January 2017

The Emperor's healthy climate

Climate change is a medical issue. Climate change is a public health concern. ... We did not know exactly how complex ecosystems would resist or collapse, or how cascading effects might forestall or amplify climate change.
May 2020

God, GOOP, and the EPA

God, then, as characterized by, to, and for us, is the gateway drug for GOOP, for denying climate change, for prevarication and procrastination. ... about climate change, or vaccines, or diet, or guns; immigrants, Muslims, or Jews; celebrities and
May 2020

There are still other health policy issues.

They published a letter in BMJ and The Lancet urging politicians to take strong action on climate change. ... ACP Internist has covered the likely human health effects of climate change before.) As the Washigton Post reports, the issue will come to a
May 2020

Time to save the world

Doubts about climate change are themselves now an endangered species. Admit it: you see the signs all around you. ... Climate change is now a tangible thing, up close and personal.
May 2020

Will immigrants make you sick?

Two factors have already lowered borders that once held back the spread of some infections: rapid global travel and trade, and climate change. ... Climate change is helping nasty diseases such as Dengue fever and chikungunya make their way into the U.S.,
May 2020

Once Upon A Time

But most of the people in the land didn't like to change what they were doing. ... People got very mad and lobbyist groups tried to change laws or pay off politicians.
May 2020

Sure as shooting

But it would have been much less bad. Even if we were less inclined to climate change denial, we would still have to acknowledge that there have always been hurricanes,
May 2020

The greatest diet myth of all

And speaking of cooking, we might constructively juxtapose this treatment of diet with that of climate change. ... In contrast, we, the Time's editors and I, cannot be spared the extreme manifestations of climate change unless you are, too.
May 2020

My milk manifesto

Excessive appetites for meat and/or dairy therefore conspire directly against efforts to curtail climate change.
May 2020

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