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Internists interacting with retail clinics

Mehrotra said. “The vast majority of what an internist is doing couldn't be addressed by a retail clinic, except they're starting to get into this area of chronic illness ... To date, there has been no comparison of retail clinics and physicians'
February 2016

A letter to patients with chronic illness

A letter to patients with chronic illness. Author's Note: The following post, which recently appeared in my blog, has had a larger response from readers than any other I have ... written. The depth of emotion felt by people with chronic disease making
May 2020

Un-maligning the ER

In an aging population with a preponderance of chronic illness (diabetes, hypertension, survivable cancers, strokes, and cardiac conditions), patients can have a perturbation of their bodily balance (e.g. ... a salty food binge) that can result in acute
May 2020

Return of the spirochete

I couldn’t help notice that these are the men who grew up after the bad-old-days, the men who think of HIV as the treatable chronic illness it has
May 2020

HAI surveillance definitions update: The good, the bad, and the ugly

They found that even when controlling for chemotherapy, hemodialysis, use of total parenteral nutrition, length of stay, age, acute and chronic illness (using APACHE and Charlson indices, respectively), patients with more
May 2020

Skin in the game

Since 1993, a wholehas served to reaffirm the link between those same few behaviors and the epidemiology of premature death and chronic illness, and even control over the expression of our ... It makes no difference that we could prevent 80 percent of
May 2020

Are you at risk for an adverse medication reaction?

Polypharmacy (the use of many drugs together, or excessive medications) is a significant problem of the elderly, and of those with chronic illness.
May 2020

The joy of being a teaching and learning internist

We help patients through their exacerbations of their chronic illness, or diagnose a new illness, or help improve the management.
May 2020

Helping older patients 'age in place'

Helping them do so involves identifying functional status, as well as the more familiar role of diagnosing a disease or managing a chronic illness, experts said. ... Certain life events, such as falls, syncope, sudden changes in function, or illness or
May 2017

What I learned from asthma

2. People with chronic illness may feel that they are to blame for their illness. ... 5. Allergies are not volitional. 6. Patients with chronic illness frequently understand their health conditions better than doctors do.
May 2020

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