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Get jazzed up for Internal Medicine Meeting 2018

focus on physician well-being as part of the scientific program and a wellness-focused relaxation station. ... In addition to launching its Physician Well-being & Professional Satisfaction initiative in January, the College has baked several wellness
March 2018

Reclaiming who we are: Internal medicine's central role

The promise of gene therapy to cure disease seems less like a dream when you hear that new organs are being grown on biological scaffolding. ... These are challenges indeed, but that is who we are—specialist physicians who take on challenges for the
May 2011

Transitions don't mean a loss of continuity for ACP's mission

and other countries, as well as to talk with them about College activities. ... I wanted to ensure, as best I could, that internal medicine specialists and subspecialists and the College provided needed leadership to improve the well-being of our
April 2012

Time away from the office an investment in the time spent in it

It was another sobering reminder that restricting access to health insurance will not prevent people from being sick or needing health care. ... But before then, we have much work to do to take on the challenges of promoting excellence and
June 2011

Looking at LARCs in primary care

Medications to treat type 2 diabetes vary widely in type and cost, as well as in what a patient's insurance will pay. ... Learn from Carrie A. Horwitch, MD, MACP, an ACP Well-being Champion and a certified Laughter Leader, about the value of therapeutic
May 2022

Why medicine should be a laughing matter

Horwitch, who is an ACP Well-being Champion and Chair of the College's Patient and Interprofessional Partnership Committee. ... Horwitch, an ACP Well-being Champion, offered the following tips:. 1. Take breaks and eat meals with others when possible.
May 2022

Facing depression in medical residency

Some programs are delving into their trainees' psychological well-being. ... performance or learning, as well as signs of drug- or alcohol-related disorders.
April 2016

Fixing the system to fight burnout

But they embraced the opportunity to discuss their results with the doctor and make the necessary adjustments, she said, which saved them time as well. ... A series of modules from the American Medical Association to assist doctors in various areas,
November 2016

After a physician dies by suicide

Dr. Shafi is also trained as an ACP Well-being Champion, applying that knowledge to her students when they flounder. ... 610), a bill that addresses the behavioral health and well-being of physicians.
September 2021

Former Surgeon General to be featured speaker at today's Opening Ceremony | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

Dr. Murthy has called emotional well-being one of the most important and most underappreciated drivers of health.
April 2019

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