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The thank yous have been heartening

Communicating with other necessary people during everyday tasks via phone and email, including my bank and home insurance companies—and being thanked “for my service”—is also heartwarming. ... I've also been flooded, as I'm sure all medical
May 2022

Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 comes home to Philly

Also free at the center will be a series of curated microlectures on physician well-being topics, as well as visual diagnosis programming that will test interpretation of electrocardiograms and dermatologic ... Five speakers will each present a topic in
March 2019

'My organization has a really big push for wellness among our senior staff'

But a real effort to address the physical and mental well-being of dedicated and seasoned frontline health care workers. ... And absolutely nothing comes before your physical and mental well-being. Health care needs this more than ever for its own. .
May 2022

Golden communication tips for doctors

Moreover, it's more comfortable for the physician as well, instead of towering over the patient and peering down. ... Make the patient feel like the center of your world and show them how devoted you are to their complete well-being.
May 2022

3 ways health care professionals can stay healthier throughout their work day

Stay well hydrated throughout your day too, pure water (can be tap water) is ideal. ... Absolutely nothing should come before your own health and well-being, and as a health care professional you should not only know better, but also be setting an
May 2022

Hospital first in nation to offer DVT prophylaxis to doctors

Physician well-being is a priority at our institution.”. However, there are some who argue that the move doesn't go far enough. ... I am proud to be part of a hospital system that takes physician well-being seriously like this”, said Dr.
May 2022

Physicians as caregivers balance professional, personal roles

In this case, I tried to follow ethical guidelines to the extent that I could while still being involved in what was going on with his care,” said Dr. ... Jokela. Physicians often do not follow the advice they give their own patients about taking care
November 2020

If they care for their employees, health care organizations should be doing more of this

As a physician who is into well-being and preventive medicine, I am always delighted when I hear these stories. ... That's why we're seeing so many industries take employee well-being very seriously indeed, especially during busy and stressful jobs.
May 2022

Naturopaths: fake doctors in white coats?

That's not good. Equally concerning is their being allowed to prescribe durable medical equipment such as wheelchairs, hospital beds, etc. ... They pose no threat to my economic well-being. I'm busy and always will be.
May 2022

The urgencies of care: here, there, and everywhere

They are unique in many ways, the most obvious being location: they are housed in supermarkets throughout Texas. ... There is an urgent need for more of that as well- with a particular emphasis on the 6 factors known to be most influential on overall
May 2022

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