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It's tough to navigate return from cancer care to primary care

Educating primary care physicians and oncology providers, as well as empowering patients, are key components to overcoming many of the barriers in transitioning care. ... Nekhlyudov said. “There is now a small section on cancer survivorship, and more
November 2011

Treat the epidemic of medical nonadherence

They divided patients' reasons into 6 categories: not understanding the relevance of medication to one's health and well-being, concluding the costs of taking medication outweigh benefits, finding medication management ... Patients tend to overestimate
May 2014

States step in on opioid prescribing

A thorough assessment of patients' health can involve more than just physical well-being. ... Read more about determining social factors affecting patients' overall well-being and ways to address them in clinical practice.
October 2016

Work-life balance easily upset, tough to restore

2012 from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. ... At the University of South Carolina School of Medicine-Greenville, a recently launched medical school, leaders have stressed the importance of physical fitness for doctors as well as patients, said
April 2013

Imperturbability, preparation for internal medicine's future Student well-being and resiliency should be part and parcel of medical training, and this lifelong learning will help them overcome some of ... As we prepare our workforce of tomorrow, student well
June 2015

Panel ponders postacute sequelae of COVID-19

The problems covered under the umbrella of “post-COVID conditions” can be managed in primary care but should involve teams of clinicians as needed as well as shared decision-making with ... It really needs to be a comprehensive management plan
July 2021

Channeling the ‘Fauci effect’

important impact on an individual's health, as well as on global health.” He also noted the response was a sign that people are thinking about social justice, “that you have ... An equitable U.S. health care system that aspires to the Quadruple Aim
January 2021

Successful bariatric surgery requires planning, prep

Location matters in health care, and the area in which patients live can often impact their health as well as their overall life expectancy. ... Our story in this issue focuses specifically on physicians who practice in lower-income urban areas and the
January 2016

Taking a weight off diabetes care

Phillips. “The weight-neutral approach is an assumption that everyone is capable of pursuing health and well-being, regardless of BMI or weight. … ... Being attentive to signals from one's body, especially in response to carbohydrates, is generally a
September 2020

Doctor, your weight bias is showing

That service of weight loss counseling is, as a result of this big picture, not really being delivered.”. ... Some suggestions of potential intervention components include education on the myriad factors that contribute to weight gain and loss, a focus
February 2017

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