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The miners' tale: A story of health care delivered

second--what's even more awesome--is that people around the world cared so much about the miners' well-being. ... group of 33 patients with a guarded prognosis, and do whatever it takes to make them well using existent technology and medicines?
August 2021

The rights and wrongs of child plastic surgery

The writing experts all seemed to agree, too, that no argument about messing with nature or Ashley's sovereignty could outweigh the expected positive effects on her and her parents' ... being. Makes deciding whether to let your 17-year-old get a nose job
August 2021

Understand factors that determine health, how they mix

Shelter, safety, and the stability they can afford have been seen as foundational to health and well-being. ... Linked to all these factors are psychological and existential stressors that impact health and well-being.
March 2019

Why you should definitely eat more blueberries

This week, I'm going to return to those roots, and discuss why you should regularly be eating more blueberries for your health and well-being.
August 2021

Minding your second favorite organ

By and large, Alzheimer's is a vascular disease. By and large, the practices that prevent cardiovascular disease, eating well, being active, avoiding tobacco, slash the risk of Alzheimer's. ... Eating well is as important to the brain as it is to the
August 2021

Should doctors treat their patients like customers?

well-being, knowing they can sue if he makes a mistake, and knowing they owe that person, ultimately, nothing. ... We strove for excellence for them, as well as for our own material success.
August 2021

The health care system needs a change of heart

compassion and love, with genuine interest in the well-being of those to whom we have no actual responsibility, we will be able to transform medicine.
August 2021

The thank yous have been heartening

Communicating with other necessary people during everyday tasks via phone and email, including my bank and home insurance companies—and being thanked “for my service”—is also heartwarming. ... I've also been flooded, as I'm sure all medical
August 2021

Are internists team leaders or orchestra conductors?

In this 2013 paper, ACP stated that “Although physicians have extensive education, skills, and training that make them uniquely qualified to exercise advanced clinical responsibilities within teams, well-functioning teams will ... Successful teams have
November 2019

'My organization has a really big push for wellness among our senior staff'

But a real effort to address the physical and mental well-being of dedicated and seasoned frontline health care workers. ... And absolutely nothing comes before your physical and mental well-being. Health care needs this more than ever for its own. .
August 2021

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