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HeLa again at the frontier of medical privacy

Several decades ago, an African American woman in Baltimore (the South, recall) was being treated for cervical cancer. ... Southern hospitals were often segregated, and blacks were infamously used as research subjects without their consent and certainly
January 2021

'My organization has a really big push for wellness among our senior staff'

But a real effort to address the physical and mental well-being of dedicated and seasoned frontline health care workers. ... And absolutely nothing comes before your physical and mental well-being. Health care needs this more than ever for its own. .
January 2021

The thank yous have been heartening

Communicating with other necessary people during everyday tasks via phone and email, including my bank and home insurance companies—and being thanked “for my service”—is also heartwarming. ... I've also been flooded, as I'm sure all medical
January 2021

The health care system needs a change of heart

compassion and love, with genuine interest in the well-being of those to whom we have no actual responsibility, we will be able to transform medicine.
January 2021

Should doctors treat their patients like customers?

well-being, knowing they can sue if he makes a mistake, and knowing they owe that person, ultimately, nothing. ... We strove for excellence for them, as well as for our own material success.
January 2021

QD: News Every Day--MedPAC recommends primary care pay raise

The report suggests specific measures for three topics: social determinants of health; health-related quality of life and well-being; and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender health.
January 2021

Advocate to preserve residency funding despite 'supercommittee' failure

country. Given the current and growing shortage of physicians, GME cuts will reduce access to health care and threaten the well-being of all Americans.
January 2021

Looking back and looking forward

Career satisfaction is an important factor that supports personal and professional well-being. ... health professionals' well-being.
January 2019

Golden communication tips for doctors

Moreover, it's more comfortable for the physician as well, instead of towering over the patient and peering down. ... Make the patient feel like the center of your world and show them how devoted you are to their complete well-being.
January 2021

3 ways health care professionals can stay healthier throughout their work day

Stay well hydrated throughout your day too, pure water (can be tap water) is ideal. ... Absolutely nothing should come before your own health and well-being, and as a health care professional you should not only know better, but also be setting an
January 2021

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