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Narrative medicine skills bring physicians closer to patients

Even in a time of telemedicine and virtual medicine and artificial intelligence and robots, it is the humanities that will protect that singularity against the facelessness that some of medicine seems
February 2019

Patient-Driven Primary Care, A Cornerstone Of The Health & Wellness Movement?

Since we establish a patient-doctor relationship with a face-to-face visit first, our patients can be treated by telemedicine, and done so quickly that our malpractice insurance rates have
May 2021

Thrombolytics: to give or not to give

Our emergency department thought we had a telemedicine link; even that has failed, as nearby physicians in our regional referral center don't feel keen to take responsibility for our patients.
May 2021

We need less virtual medicine, not more

After all, when there's telemedicine and the ability to perform “virtual consultations,” why bother? ... all patients would rather have a relationship with their own good, competent local physician who is easy to make an appointment with rather than
May 2021

When should doctors turn patients away?

I know we are entering the era of telemedicine. I certainly do a lot of medicine on the phone every day, and many evenings.
May 2021

QD: News Every Day--public option unsettles Senators

ACP Internist's daily digest of news and events wraps up how the public option has shifted the balance of opinion in the Senate, how the pu...
May 2021

Caring for patients in the shadows

With the rise of EHRs and telemedicine, e-consults have become more common, offering primary care physicians a formal way to get subspecialist input, especially in underserved areas.
October 2018

Healing the homeless during COVID-19

Even for patients who do have phones, prepaid plans with limited minutes can mean precious little time for a telemedicine visit, said Dr. ... Dr. O’Connell agreed, noting that the utility of telemedicine comes at the expense of less human touch.
September 2020

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

15. New or significantly expanded sections include those on precision medicine and genetic testing, research and protection of human subjects, telemedicine, electronic communications, social media and online professionalism, electronic health records
February 2019

Remote monitoring: Out of sight, right in line

Research indicates that chronically ill patients who need a lot of follow-up require fewer office visits if they're involved in telemedicine, said Joseph C.
March 2010

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