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'The future, Mr. Gittes. The future!'

The announcement of the proposed takeover of Aetna (a health insurer) by CVS (a drugstore chain calling itself a “pharmacy innovation compan...
November 2020

Transportation doesn't fix all no-show woes

He suggested that physicians also look for alternative ways to meet frequent no-show patients where they are, such as in-home visits or telemedicine. ... When we talk about telemedicine, we typically talk about access for people who live in distant
November 2018

We need less virtual medicine, not more

After all, when there's telemedicine and the ability to perform “virtual consultations,” why bother? ... all patients would rather have a relationship with their own good, competent local physician who is easy to make an appointment with rather than
November 2020

Patient-Driven Primary Care, A Cornerstone Of The Health & Wellness Movement?

Since we establish a patient-doctor relationship with a face-to-face visit first, our patients can be treated by telemedicine, and done so quickly that our malpractice insurance rates have
November 2020

To lie down, perchance to sleep

Dr. Yaggi added that most patients undergo CBT-I therapy with a clinical psychologist but added that new methods involve group sessions, telemedicine, and Internet-based delivery (see sidebar on page
September 2017

iPhone diagnosis of Raynaud's disease

This is a form of "telemedicine.". .
November 2020

QD: News Every Day--Approaching a summit from opposite sides of the mountain

Telemedicine has arrived to Haiti.
November 2020

Is there a web cam in your future?

A couple of months ago, we profiled a few effective uses of telemedicine, all of which involve trained providers on both ends of the web cam.
November 2020

Positioning patient portals for success

anything.”. With the COVID-19 pandemic increasing telemedicine visits, it's likely patient portals are getting more use, although it's too soon to have data on this question, said Dr.
November 2020

When should doctors turn patients away?

I know we are entering the era of telemedicine. I certainly do a lot of medicine on the phone every day, and many evenings.
November 2020

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