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Officer, Treasurer and Regent election results announced

Certification: Internal medicine, 1993. ACP Fellowship: 1999. Present position: Associate dean, outreach and multicultural affairs; professor of medicine and pathology; medical director, Arizona Telemedicine Program, University of Arizona College of
March 2013

Improving the practice environment and payment reform

Other examples. In September, ACP released a policy paper that supports the expanded role of telemedicine as a method of health care delivery that may enhance patient-physician collaborations, improve health
November 2015

Indian Health Service reaches across borders within the U.S.

The hospitals at Gallup and Shiprock recently began a telemedicine program with Brigham and Women's Hospital.
March 2012

Getting to the new normal

All of our staff and physicians remain disguised in our masks throughout the day, if not at our desks shut up in our personal offices on telemedicine visits. ... telemedicine and telephone visit payment parity with evaluation and management codes,.
June 2020

Methadone challenging option for treatment of chronic pain

Comerci Jr., MD, FACP, a professor of medicine and co-director of the University of New Mexico's ECHO(r) Chronic Pain and Headache Telemedicine Clinic in Albuquerque.
September 2014

Managing patients with diabetes and heart failure

Mitchell said. She pointed out that there is a shortage of endocrinologists and that access to subspecialist care can be an issue but noted that telemedicine may soon be able to
November 2019

Thrombolytics: to give or not to give

Our emergency department thought we had a telemedicine link; even that has failed, as nearby physicians in our regional referral center don't feel keen to take responsibility for our patients.
November 2020

Primary care takes on opioid addiction

Mentoring programs and telemedicine can help improve physician knowledge about treatment for substance use disorders, according to the ACP position paper.
October 2017

COVID-19 and primary care

earlier this year. While most critical care has happened in hospitals, primary care has also seen monumental changes, from overnight adoption of telemedicine to rescheduling of chronic care to, now, tentative ... A Q&A shows how one practice in rural
July 2020

'Robo-pills' boost Rx compliance

It adds new meaning to the term "telemedicine.". Posted by.
November 2020

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