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QD: News Every Day--Small practices less likely to fully adopt medical home model

Small physician groups aren't adopting the tenets and processes of the patient-centered medical home, a study reports. Doctors in practices...
May 2020

iPhone diagnosis of Raynaud's disease

This is a form of "telemedicine.". .
May 2020

QD: News Every Day--states balancing doctor shortages, smoking funding and H1N1

75% employ locum tenens physicians. The report not only calls for better funding of physician education from the state and the nation, but an expansion of telemedicine and an increased role
May 2020

Patient-Driven Primary Care, A Cornerstone Of The Health & Wellness Movement?

Since we establish a patient-doctor relationship with a face-to-face visit first, our patients can be treated by telemedicine, and done so quickly that our malpractice insurance rates have
May 2020

ACP bridges perspectives within internal medicine

To tell you a little bit about me, I am a second-generation female physician, mother of two, and medical oncologist with expertise in women's cancers, integrative oncology, and telemedicine.
May 2018

8 states seek to speed cross-state licensing

Chaudhry. “At a time when some within the telemedicine industry seek to implement licensing frameworks that undermine and circumvent state licensing rules and practice requirements, the Compact is a key element
May 2020

QD: News Every Day--Senate committee passes health care reform

Alternatives also include telemedicine and temporary staffing changes to divert experts to the point of care.
May 2020

Pay More, Get Less - The Certain Future Of Healthcare

This blog post was originally published at Saving Money and Surviving the Health care Crisis . It appeared January 18 at Better Health . E...
May 2020

QD: News Every Day--7% of physicians adopted video chat with patients

Seven percent of U.S. physicians use online video conferencing to communicate with any of their patients, according to a study of physician ...
May 2020

Is there a web cam in your future?

A couple of months ago, we profiled a few effective uses of telemedicine, all of which involve trained providers on both ends of the web cam.
May 2020

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