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iPhone diagnosis of Raynaud's disease

This is a form of "telemedicine.". .
November 2019

Virtual visits pose real issues for physicians

In an effort to encourage safe telemedicine practices, both the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) issued related guidelines this year. ... In their recent telemedicine guidance, leaders at the AMA and
November 2014

QD: News Every Day--states balancing doctor shortages, smoking funding and H1N1

75% employ locum tenens physicians. The report not only calls for better funding of physician education from the state and the nation, but an expansion of telemedicine and an increased role
November 2019

Helping hands come from the community

components evaluated, ranging from health IT to telemedicine to workforce redesign, only community health workers lowered total health costs (by $138 per beneficiary).
November 2019

In defense of primary care, and of sub-sub-sub-specialists

To a large extent, experts might work with primary care providers and communicate with patients via telemedicine and Skype-like technologies.
November 2019

Patient-Driven Primary Care, A Cornerstone Of The Health & Wellness Movement?

Since we establish a patient-doctor relationship with a face-to-face visit first, our patients can be treated by telemedicine, and done so quickly that our malpractice insurance rates have
November 2019

Remote monitoring: Out of sight, right in line

Research indicates that chronically ill patients who need a lot of follow-up require fewer office visits if they're involved in telemedicine, said Joseph C.
March 2010

QD: News Every Day--You can't possibly forget to take your meds

Normally, the patient calls the pharmacy for a prescription. Now, the prescription is doing that by itself. GlowCaps, a prescription bottle ...
November 2019

Nonspecific symptoms may have a very specific cause

This issue covers topics including management of lupus, the effect of telemedicine on primary care practice, and new approaches to treating Clostridium difficile.
November 2014

QD: News Every Day--Nation's largest tele-health network launches

California launched the nation's largest tele-health network , a $30 million public/private project to bring broadband access designed to re...
November 2019

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