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Thrombolytics: to give or not to give

Our emergency department thought we had a telemedicine link; even that has failed, as nearby physicians in our regional referral center don't feel keen to take responsibility for our patients.
November 2019

Tackling tPA and stroke outcomes through telemedicine

To confirm this hypothesis, he and colleagues recently conducted an analysis of a telemedicine stroke network. ... Wagner to telemedicine, as other forces have simultaneously pushed hospitals to improve their practices.
July 2014

New IOM report on implementing the learning health care system: It's all in the information

1, 2]. , telemedicine. [3]. , computer networks and the Internet. ... Washington, DC. National Academies Press. 3. Anonymous (1996). Telemedicine: A Guide to Assessing Telecommunications in Health Care.
November 2019

When patients control their own records

informatics:. 1) computerized clinical decision support,. 2) personal health records,. 3) telemedicine, and.
November 2019

Help from afar: telemedicine vs. telephone advice for stroke

The telemedicine program helps us make better decisions about care for our patients,” Dr. ... Telephone consultation doesn't have the multitude of problems that telemedicine has, Dr.
April 2009

QD--News Every Day: Doctors delivering diagnoses online

Telemedicine proponents play it up as a way of alleviating unneeded ER visits, for the uninsured who can't get to a doctor, or for rural areas that don't otherwise ... Is "doc in a box" a good thing? The Texas Medical Board is adapting its telemedicine
November 2019

'Robo-pills' boost Rx compliance

It adds new meaning to the term "telemedicine.". Posted by.
November 2019

When should doctors turn patients away?

I know we are entering the era of telemedicine. I certainly do a lot of medicine on the phone every day, and many evenings.
November 2019

QD: News Every Day--7% of physicians adopted video chat with patients

Seven percent of U.S. physicians use online video conferencing to communicate with any of their patients, according to a study of physician ...
November 2019

The doctor-patient relationship: Is there an app for that?

I just deposited a check into my bank account by photographing the check with my iPhone and zapping it through cyberspace. I realize this is...
November 2019

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