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Telemedicine surges during the coronavirus pandemic

This is why telemedicine can be a highly functional modality for treating patients. ... My telemedicine encounters have been nearly all conducted by phone, and they have gone well.
May 2021

QD: News Every Day--State medical boards adopt telemedicine guidelines

Representatives of the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) approved updated guidelines to help ensure the safety and quality of telemedicine technology. ... free to adopt it as is, modify it, or retain their own current policies regarding
May 2021

How small adjustments via telemedicine can make a difference

How small adjustments via telemedicine can make a difference. This post by Alan Dappen, MD, appeared at Better Health. ... Instead, all discussions can be done via a form of telemedicine, such as a phone call, e-mail, or video conferencing.
May 2021

Telemedicine connects remote areas with care

If these communities had a medical doctor, they wouldn't need telemedicine,” Ms. ... The providers' offices take the patients' insurance information and bill insurers for telemedicine consultations.
April 2008

Help from afar: telemedicine vs. telephone advice for stroke

The telemedicine program helps us make better decisions about care for our patients,” Dr. ... Telephone consultation doesn't have the multitude of problems that telemedicine has, Dr.
April 2009

Drive-in visits can fill the cracks of telemedicine's reach

Practices in rural areas are tackling the logistics of providing telemedicine to patients who are unable to access it on their own. ... With the uptake in telemedicine as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it's important to remember that not every
July 2020

Tackling tPA and stroke outcomes through telemedicine

To confirm this hypothesis, he and colleagues recently conducted an analysis of a telemedicine stroke network. ... Wagner to telemedicine, as other forces have simultaneously pushed hospitals to improve their practices.
July 2014

Taking stock of telemedicine

To varying degrees, telemedicine has been waiting in the wings of internists' practice for years, but now, due to a pandemic, it has moved into the spotlight. ... Senior Writer Mollie Frost talks to physicians across the country about what they've
October 2020

Telemedicine's future looks bright, with some caveats

There is also clear evidence that consumers and physicians are ready for telemedicine, Dr. ... Dr. López also stressed that telemedicine doesn't need to be complicated to be effective.
November 2018

Telemedicine tips for internists in the era of COVID-19

Q: What are some of the barriers to effectively using telemedicine at this time? ... I'm hoping that this will be a positive change for access to care through telemedicine.
May 2020

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