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Going beyond tobacco, alcohol and drugs during the social history

It turns out that Wikipedia has an entry on social history for medicine that starts out with the same substance abuse history.
November 2020

How do you explain the popularity of TV's Dr. House?

Would you as the patient see a doctor who is a well-known jerk, abuses drugs, gives the wrong diagnosis more often than not, and is known to...
November 2020

A new medication that is sure to succeed

It takes knowledge and vigilance to treat pain using opioids, given the risk of substance use disorders and their high street value. ... This drug is a setup for diversion and abuse. It's sure to develop a high street value.
November 2020

Dealing with cyclic vomiting syndrome given how little is known about the condition

I have been working as an ER doctor for over a decade, and in that time I have come to recognize that there are certain complaints, and cert...
November 2020

Transitional care can be effective, underused

He described five broad domains that can help frame a patient's vulnerability: any substance abuse issues, overall ability to care for themselves (e.g., taking pills, keeping appointments), financial stability
November 2018

The little girl who didn't cry wolf

Your chest was hurting. This was your chief complaint. “Like pressure,” you'd said. Then you shook your head and closed your eyes. Your hand...
November 2020

'Is there a doctor on board this flight?'

I was recently on a commercial airline flight when I noticed a bit of a commotion across the aisle. Two flight attendants were responding to...
November 2020

Learn the warning signs for elder abuse, neglect

Only two of every 10 cases of elder abuse in the U.S. ... Other risk factors include female sex, advanced age, social isolation, poor social support networks, mental health problems, frailty, substance abuse, and reliance on others.
July 2018

Politics, religion and sex--avoiding 'third rail' topics in the exam room

Even if sexual abuse was an easy topic to discuss, I would not want to go there. ... substance abuse, legal problems, sexual misconduct, or abhorrent political attitudes.
November 2020

Suicide, psychiatric care and inadequate resources

These institutions fostered dependence, usually did not cure or treat psychiatric disorders, made patients vulnerable to abuse and, to top it all off, were quite expensive. ... We need systems to help take care of people with mental illness who need jobs
November 2020

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