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Internists can help with alcohol misuse

The term “alcohol use disorder,” which first appeared in DSM-5, is the consolidation of 2 former diagnoses: alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence, Dr. ... Saitz. Terms like “alcoholism” and “alcohol abuse” can be less than helpful in clinical
October 2015

Letters to the Editor

the Division of Substance Abuse at Columbia University confirms continued medical bias in favor of other, more harmful drugs and societal costs pushed by none other than “Big Pharma” in the
January 2011

Community projects rely on local doctors for larger success

director. These can include problems with food and housing, mental health, substance abuse or language interpreter services.
May 2008

This doctor's 'complex' patients aren't who you think they are

patient's personal characteristics (challenging patients),. --patient's mental health issues (includes substance abuse), and.
November 2020

QD: News Every Day--Doctors should increase alcohol counseling among their panels

Health care professionals reported lack of time, training, and self-efficacy; discomfort discussing the topic; perceived difficulty working with substance use patients; skepticism of treatment effectiveness; patient resistance; and lack of
November 2020

Finesse required to treat anxiety in the elderly

Dr. DuBeau added that alcohol abuse, excessive caffeine intake and withdrawal from benzodiazepines or sleep aids can all produce symptoms of anxiety as well as exacerbate existing anxiety disorders. ... Gum AM, King-Kallimanis B, Kohn R. Prevalence of
January 2013

Of PCPs and THC

Yes, people who abuse the system to get drugs to abuse or sell and doctors who dole out drugs like candy are the ones to blame. ... It simply doesn't happen. I think it's because people feel fortunate to have me as their doctor and don't want to abuse
November 2020

Doctors and the opioid epidemic

I am against all forms of bodily pain, both foreign and domestic. I wish the world were pain free. When I am suffering from even a routine h...
November 2020

How pot causes delusions

The New York Times Times is carrying a wacko Op-Ed piece . Titled "Pot for Parents," I thought on first read it was a humor piece. I ran it...
November 2020

Easing screens for intimate partner violence

Other conditions that can signal underlying IPV include substance abuse, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder, said Megan R. ... Certain behaviors are red flags for abuse, such as avoiding invasive exams, having problems adhering to medication
October 2020

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