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Dec. 8. The first study included 843,208 patients from one health system; all were 50 years of age or older and had received two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine ... Understanding the protective effect of the booster dose in younger age groups is key
December 2021

Gun violence is a public health issue

Gun violence is a public health issue. The horrific massacre in Las Vegas hit the nation like an avalanche. ... Indeed, having a deep suspicion and healthy mistrust of government is something uniquely American (also relevant to the health care debate).
January 2022

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

ACP is concerned by reports that public health officials and experts across the country are being harassed due to their recommendations on combating the COVID-19 pandemic. ... Health officials should not be subject to threats for merely doing their jobs,
September 2020

Public health and personal responsibilities

Public health and personal responsibilities. We are never alone. If you would, please hold that thought. ... Public health is for the public, and is best advanced by the collective efforts of the public.
January 2022

Freedom versus control in a private vs. public health care system

Freedom versus control in a private vs. public health care system. ... city. The system Down Under is an interesting mix of both public and private health care, but still with a solid government-run backbone for people who really can't afford
January 2022

Improving HCV treatment and screening in primary care

Public health officials are looking to knock out hepatitis C virus (HCV) with a one-two punch that includes near universal screening of adults and a simplified “treat all” approach for ... People die waiting for livers to transplant.”. Public
January 2022

Public health for nincompoops

Public health for nincompoops. Consistency, it is said, is the mark of a true champion. ... When it comes to public health policy, we are a pack of utter nincompoops.
January 2022

Evaluating alcohol use in ‘Dry January’

Image by Viktoriia Hnatiuk. With the pandemic's effects on drinking as a backdrop, public health initiatives like “Dry January” may be enticing to patients who want to pause their drinking ... With the pandemic's effects on drinking as a backdrop,
January 2022

Measles: Back to the future of public health

If measles does make a meaningful comeback, it would imply public health is sliding back as we head into the future. ... Otherwise, we may well go back, instead of forward, to the future of public health, and pay, quite literally, with some of our lives.
January 2022

A new vision for health care

A: We have certainly undervalued public health and primary care over the past two decades. ... The COVID crisis has pointed out and underscored the total underinvestment in public health.
July 2020

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