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Physician questions the need for demographic data with the EMR

Spare me the few tired cliches about prostate cancer, diabetes, and sarcoidosis being more common in blacks than whites, or even the slightly increased risk of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor cough
August 2019

On patient satisfaction and the consumer era of medicine

Internists are particular susceptible as "cognitive-risk-modulators." Prostate cancer screening is probably a classic example. ... An asymptomatic man comes into an office demanding a PSA to screen for prostate cancer.
August 2019

Warnings on prostate drugs, HIV combination therapy

New warnings on gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists about the potential risk of heart disease and diabetes in men treated with these medications for prostate cancer.
January 2011

A brief clarification on PSA testing

Preventative Services Task Force against using the PSA blood test to screen for prostate cancer has left many patients confused, and many doctors unsurprised. ... We've known for a while that in the aggregate, the data do not show that screening for
August 2019

Why screen for ovarian cancer?

Ask Daniel Merenstein, who was sued in such a scenario involving prostate cancer screening. ... Another approach is to discuss the pros and cons of ovarian cancer screening with patients.
August 2019

Are your patients health literate?

As the evidence on the utility of prostate-specific antigen screening for prostate cancer continues to be questioned, internists may wonder what to tell their patients about when, how and whether ... Screening can help detect prostate cancer early, but
July 2011

Letters to the Editor

An Annals of Internal Medicine editorial in the May 5 issue again notes that,“ Within 10 years of trial entry, screening increases the number of cancer cases diagnosed but has no ... by overzealous therapies and like to pronounce themselves as“
June 2009

New Pap smear guidelines: right care or rationed care?

HPV is the most common sexually-transmitted disease and aside from causing cervical cancer is also the cause of genital warts. ... to 26 that immunize them from the subtypes of HPV that cause cancer.
August 2019

A JAMA briefing on comparative effectiveness and helicopters that allows time for questions

ground-based EMS service after major trauma; a comparison of side effects and mortality after prostate cancer treatment by 1 of 3 forms of radiation (conformal, IMRT, or proton therapy); and, ... This is crucial, I know this from my prior experience in
August 2019

Beware how the affect heuristic filters your view of data

They develop data that supports their preconceived notions. We see this in medical debates: screening for prostate cancer, age to screen for breast cancer, whether or not to empirically treat some ... adolescent/young adult sore throats, the value of
August 2019

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