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More recalls, information on impurity found in ARBs

that uterine bleeding due to endometrial cancer is not dismissed as a diagnosis. ... Brand name: Aleve PM). Abiraterone acetate tablets (250 mg) to treat patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.
January 2019

Taking a drink: what patients should know

mortality in women and increased risk of prostate cancer among men. ... Prospective study of alcohol consumption quantity and frequency and cancer-specific mortality in the US population.
January 2013

Five herbal remedies backed by some evidence

To be clear, we're talking about benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), common, age-related prostate enlargement, and not prostate cancer. ... If you have prostate cancer, note that conventional medical treatments have a five-year survival rate of 96% and
September 2019

Warfarin recalled, type 2 diabetes drug approved

If the device is used during intraoperative radiation therapy for breast cancer, these particles can be mistaken for suspicious calcifications during follow-up X-rays or scans. ... Abiraterone acetate (Zytiga) to treat metastatic, castration-resistant
July 2011

‘Smart’ drugs could be bad idea

Decisions about prostate cancer treatment can be notoriously complex, with patients and physicians choosing among such options as hormones, radiation, surgery, or watchful waiting. ... Our story in this issue looks at why some experts consider prostate
November 2017

CONFERENCE COVERAGE Information plus documentation a must for informed ...

In 1990, Dr. Gottesman was sued forlate diagnosis of a patient’s prostate cancer.He won the case, and one of the jurors toldhim that the deciding factor had beeninformed consent ... documentation showingthat the patient had been warned that abiopsy
December 2011

Rethinking the value of the annual exam

That's melanoma, colon cancer and cervical cancer, lymphoma, and probably breast cancer and prostate cancer.” (The fallout of the release of USPSTF breast cancer guidelines will be addressed in ACP ... Examples include screening of asymptomatic women
January 2010

Recall of generic drugs, acne cream; depression device OK'd

A warning letter to Lab Corporation of America for marketing OvaSure, a test the company says can detect ovarian cancer, without having FDA approval for the test. ... Examine patients prior to therapy to rule out prostate cancer. The most common side
January 2009

Experts debate pros, cons of vitamin D

An obscure nutrient is now being hailed as a link to prevention of diseases as disparate as diabetes, schizophrenia, cancer, strokes and heart attacks. ... He offered a long list of medical problems that can be possibly prevented by vitamin D
November 2009

When and how to use new phone and Internet E/M coding

Q: Can I charge a Medicare patient for a prostate cancer screening digital rectal exam on the same date as an E/M visit? ... A: No. Although Medicare has created an HCPCS code for a prostate cancer screening digital rectal exam (G0102), it does not allow
April 2008

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