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ACP releases survey results about telehealth technology availability, use among internists | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

Technology for remote care management (24%) or video visits (18%) is less widely available. ... ACP supports the expanded role of telemedicine in the primary care setting when used as a component of a patient's longitudinal care but recommends that
April 2019

Retainer medicine as a potential primary care solution

I believe the concierge, high-cost practices detract from an interesting primary care model. ... The best primary care limits unnecessary testing and unnecessary consults through careful history, physical and thinking!
November 2021

What Are The Root Causes Of The Primary Care Shortage?

The authors suggest that not only does primary care need to be promoted, specialist slots should be limited. ... Already, many primary care residency slots go unfilled; what's the point of adding more?
November 2021

Personal choices may sway mammography

Primary care physicians who raise the subject of mammography may discover that they approach decision making about the screening test from a different perspective than their patients. ... I think we in primary care have not done enough to do that first
October 2021

Incontinence can hide in middle age Women may suffer debilitating quality-of-life issues from urinary incontinence yet never mention it to their primary care physicians. ... Yet many women never mention the problem to their
February 2015

Calmer talk needed about mammography

However, about 62% of primary care physicians perceive multiple, rather than single, guidelines as influential. ... Fletcher said. Nekhlyudov L, Braddock 3rd CH. An approach to enhance communication about screening mammography in primary care.
February 2010

Improving rural health takes effort, energy

KRHA is focusing on population-based health care with the organization's 35 primary care practices. ... As part of the Heart of New Ulm Project, primary care physicians initiate the outreach.
September 2015

Changes to Medicaid divide states, doctors

In many states, ACP members banded together with other primary care specialties to push for expansion. ... certification in a specialty considered primary care, such as internal medicine, or a majority of past Medicaid billings being primary care services
October 2013

Collaboration with heart failure patients key

To forestall denials of heart failure medications, both the primary care physician and the cardiologist should document everything from patients' functional status and number of hospitalizations to what medications they have ... For primary care
July 2021

Lessons learned from telemedicine

In April, nearly half of Medicare primary care visits were provided via telehealth, compared with fewer than 1% of in February, according to a July HHS report. ... Even at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, which already had its own
October 2020

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