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QD: News Every Day--Better handoffs needed from ERs back to primary care

QD: News Every Day--Better handoffs needed from ERs back to primary care. ... Many emergency physicians reported that they had no venues for ongoing collaboration with primary care practices in their community.
November 2021

Primary care shortage dooms universal health care

There is already a shortage of primary care physicians and physicians in some basic specialties like general surgery, neurology and rheumatology. ... population. Primary care doctors spend more time talking with patients and managing health care without
November 2021

Internist follow-up key for breast cancer survivors

Fincher. “But somehow everybody gets fixated on just the cancer and that connection to the primary care provider gets overlooked.”. ... Delivery of Survivorship Care by Primary Care Physicians: The Perspective of Breast Cancer Patients,” J.J.
May 2009

Stress, burnout are thinning primary care's ranks

Stress, burnout are thinning primary care's ranks. This post by ACP Member Kevin Pho, MD, originally appeared on MedPage Today's ... Doctors are also less likely to have their own primary care physician--and more apt to abuse prescription
November 2021

Lupus presentation may be an ‘imitator’

I rely on patients having an excellent relationship with their primary care providers,” said Dr. ... Michalski JP, Kodner C. Systemic lupus erythematosus: safe and effective management in primary care.
November 2014

System-wide changes improve diabetes care

Where: 4 primary care practices in the Houston Methodist health system in Texas. ... We had a celebration when 4 of our primary care practices received their PCMH recognition at the highest level,” she said.
September 2016

Time for Medicare to quit ignoring primary care

Let's quit admiring the problem of financial conflicts of interest and the primary care labor shortage. ... Primary care has been decimated and the RUC is to blame, pure and simple.
November 2021

Insurance Companies Should Pay Primary Care Physicians More

Insurance Companies Should Pay Primary Care Physicians More. This post by Kevin Pho, ACP Member appeared at Better Health. ... Government officials and health insurers pay constant lip service to the importance of primary care.
November 2021

New strategies required to battle antibiotic overuse

Finally, Dr. Blaser believes that primary care physicians, who are under tremendous time constraints, need to have better resources at their fingertips to make appropriate prescribing decisions. ... Effect of behavioral interventions on inappropriate
April 2017

An easy screen for an overlooked disease

Yet, according to experts, 95% of cases can and should be managed in the primary care setting. ... PAD is a primary care disease.”. Hirsch AT, Haskal ZJ, Hertzer NR, et al.
April 2011

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