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If telomeres could talk : ACP Internist

One of the reasons cardiology tends to advance so rapidly compared to other medical disciplines, with very noteworthy benefits, such as mark...

An open letter to the new HHS Secretary, Dr. Tom Price : ACP Internist

Dear Dr. Price, Congratulations on your upcoming appointment as the new Health and Human Services Secretary under President Trump. As a phys...

An individual effort to smooth transitions | ACP Internist

A multicomponent intervention to smooth hospital discharges back into primary care involved a personal visit to every hospitalized patient.

Healing and human touch : ACP Internist

Early this summer, I spent several days in a hospital bed , tethered to an IV, with what proved in retrospect to be anaplasmosis (a nasty b...

Better diet? Bigger picture! : ACP Internist

A study just published online in the New England Journal of Medicine demonstrates a reduction in both chronic disease and premature death ...

Medical schools respond to the opioid epidemic | ACP Internist

Until very recently, medical schools offered little or no training in addiction medicine.

Zeal, veal and veganism : ACP Internist

When my vegan friends and colleagues say that a vegan diet is categorically the best for human health, it is an excess of zeal. We simply do...

A decade of diet lies : ACP Internist

Ancel Keys, arguably the most influential nutrition scientist of the past half century or so, died in 2004 at the age of 100. Keys invented ...

How today's health care teams can play to win | ACP Internist

Chronic, complex diseases require a team approach. The size of these teams is growing, as is the types of people involved in them. Internists must be key players to provide high-value, cost-conscious care.

Change fee for service to another method that reflects quality | ACP Internist

Fee-for-service payments need to align incentives with value of services rendered.

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