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Change fee for service to another method that reflects quality

A variation of this would reward physician practices for forming a patient-centered medical home. ... Practices that do so would receive a monthly risk-adjusted prospective payment for each eligible patient, in return for demonstrating effective,
April 2010

Humanity's fishy origins

If native diet and adaptations to it are relevant to the basic care and feeding of every other species on the planet, as they clearly are, what preposterous hubris to think ... patient-centered care.
June 2019

How today's health care teams can play to win

Physician satisfaction may also increase when the workload is shared with a group of patient-centered professionals. ... We bring knowledge and skills not only as clinicians but also as educators, evaluators and innovators who will be much needed in
July 2011

The fasting and the furious

patient-centered care.
June 2019

An international meeting highlights domestic health care

wife, who were quite interested in health care and in moving toward a system focused more on primary care. ... We agree on the need for strong, patient-centered care based on strong primary care, improved lifestyles and careful, evidence-based use of
November 2010

Putting sugar on trial

Rather, it was an argument between the makers of sucrose, and the makers of high-fructose corn syrup, about whether human bodies can “tell the difference.” In case you care, my ... Katz, MD, FACP, MPH, FACPM, is an internationally renowned authority
June 2019

Medical schools respond to the opioid epidemic

pain management; recognize prescription drug misuse; develop patient-centered addiction treatment plans; identify a case of opioid overdose; and correctly use naloxone rescue therapy. ... Doing so can help minimize stigma, improve patient-centered care,
January 2017

Should you eat pasta?

patient-centered care.
June 2019

An open letter to the new HHS Secretary, Dr. Tom Price

Both total cost as a share of GDP and individual cost to the patient. ... This paradigm is central to all health care systems. True patient-centered care.
June 2019

Probiotic pros and cons

patient-centered care.
June 2019

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