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Medical professionalism faces new challenges, opportunities

ACP is leading these efforts with support for the patient-centered medical home and neighborhood, development of rational performance measures and promotion of the high-value, cost-conscious care initiative. ... But if we. remember to put patient
January 2012

Time to save the world

Second, we know that some degree of uncertainty is inevitable. In clinical care, for example, we are never entirely certain. ... patient-centered care.
June 2019

The ethics of end-of-life care erupt in the ICU

But a family member overwhelmed by the shock of a relative's unexpected, devastating illness can have a particularly hard time making a good, patient-centered decision. ... Obviously, it would be optimal to unite the family in reaching consensus about a
February 2008

The family dinner

We are not clueless about the basic care and feeding of Homo sapiens. ... patient-centered care.
June 2019

An individual effort to smooth transitions

A multicomponent intervention to smooth hospital discharges back into primary care involved a personal visit to every hospitalized patient. ... Patients also received a patient-centered care plan, a booklet with information about their health conditions,
September 2017

Obesity, be dammed!

Make healthy foods and beverages available everywhere;. --Activate employers and health care professionals ; and. ... patient-centered care.
June 2019

All the wrong questions

patient-centered care.
June 2019

What about cheese?

patient-centered care.
June 2019

Change fee for service to another method that reflects quality

A variation of this would reward physician practices for forming a patient-centered medical home. ... Practices that do so would receive a monthly risk-adjusted prospective payment for each eligible patient, in return for demonstrating effective,
April 2010

Muddled mammography

Individual choice should be informed by personal preference, family history, and customized guidance from a health-care professional you trust. ... patient-centered care.
June 2019

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