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ACP advocacy is on a roll

ACP played a key role not only in getting the overall bill passed but in ensuring that it included incentives for patient-centered medical homes and other primary care-based models ... that will allow internists to be paid more appropriately for
September 2015

The roots of pain

causes in all of health care: the relief of pain, and the alleviation of human suffering. ... patient-centered care.
June 2019

Companies love misery?

This was an actual conspiracy with massive, universal impact and dire consequences, and no one seemed to care. ... patient-centered care.
June 2019

Benefits of clearly defining value in patient care

At the same time, enabled by digital technology and marked by shared decision making, patient engagement, precision medicine, and patient satisfaction, the movement toward more patient-centered care conveys the need ... How clinicians will engage such
November 2015

Home sweet medical home

The idea is to ensure that primary care practices are organized in a way that revolves around patients' needs and expectations—patient-centered care—while freeing physicians up to do what ... Of course, good primary care has always been
September 2014

Enough flu-ing around!

patient-centered care.
June 2019

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

ACP position paper details how patient-centered care can improve outcomes. The paper, which outlines four principles that aim to solidify the role of patients and families in care, was published ... Nov. 27, 2018, by Annals of Internal Medicine. A
January 2019

Reconciling conflicting diabetes guidance

Some internists may already provide individualized, patient-centered care for their patients with diabetes that takes more than the HbA1c into account. ... Dr. Brown said that the discussion has reinforced her patient-centered care for patients with
June 2018

Big, fat transgression

Get the foods right, with a particular emphasis on the usual suspects, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, and the nutrients generally take care of themselves, and us. ... patient-centered care.
June 2019

Unscrambling our eggs

Proof. But this patient, and Doug, and all the others like them, made me think of Ebola. ... patient-centered care.
June 2019

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