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A shifting focus on the role of patients' nonmedical needs

the development of patient-centered care. ... We need to be patient-centered and not reorient medical care in a way that is problematic for people who are already in trouble,” he said.
April 2019

Taking team care from policy to practice

a team effort, with physicians, nurse practitioners, other clinicians and even nonmedical staff collaborating to provide patient care. ... It includes modules covering all aspects of patient-centered care and an assessment tool that covers the 2011 NCQA,
January 2014

The ethics of end-of-life care erupt in the ICU

But a family member overwhelmed by the shock of a relative's unexpected, devastating illness can have a particularly hard time making a good, patient-centered decision. ... Obviously, it would be optimal to unite the family in reaching consensus about a
February 2008

Chewing the fat, again

patient-centered care.
May 2020

Medical professionalism faces new challenges, opportunities

ACP is leading these efforts with support for the patient-centered medical home and neighborhood, development of rational performance measures and promotion of the high-value, cost-conscious care initiative. ... But if we. remember to put patient
January 2012

Experts agree on principles of diabetes care

A major focus of this document is on individualization—to consider the care of diabetes in the context of the patient with diabetes and where they are along the course of ... Provide patient-centered care.
February 2015

Unjunking ourselves!

disease, and an internationally recognized leader in integrative medicine and patient-centered care.
May 2020

Ode to the bulletproof

patient-centered care.
May 2020

Grains of truth

Katz, MD, FACP, MPH, FACPM, is an internationally renowned authority on nutrition, weight management, and the prevention of chronic disease, and an internationally recognized leader in integrative medicine and patient-centered ... care. He is a board
May 2020

An individual effort to smooth transitions

A multicomponent intervention to smooth hospital discharges back into primary care involved a personal visit to every hospitalized patient. ... Patients also received a patient-centered care plan, a booklet with information about their health conditions,
September 2017

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