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Ode to the bulletproof

patient-centered care.
August 2019

The 'them' in 'us'

Rather, they take care of those bacteria accidentally by taking care of themselves. ... patient-centered care.
August 2019

Pilot program offers a road map for PCMH model of care

Internists who have attempted to convert to a patient-centered medical home model have quickly learned the process isn't always easy. ... There was good news, too, from the Colorado Multipayer Patient-Centered Medical Home Pilot.
November 2012

Maintaining men's health in middle age

Faced with the growing emphasis on patient-centered care and a patient population more frequently exposed to direct-to-consumer advertising, internists must be able to appropriately diagnose these conditions, identify ... will never be a time where a
April 2014

NCQA recognizes specialists' efforts at care coordination

Doing so promotes higher-quality, less costly and more patient-centered care. Participating specialty practices have a greater likelihood of obtaining a higher-tiered status, being a preferred provider within a ... American College of Physicians. The
May 2013

The family dinner

We are not clueless about the basic care and feeding of Homo sapiens. ... patient-centered care.
August 2019

Obesity, be dammed!

Make healthy foods and beverages available everywhere;. --Activate employers and health care professionals ; and. ... patient-centered care.
August 2019

What about cheese?

patient-centered care.
August 2019

The roots of pain

causes in all of health care: the relief of pain, and the alleviation of human suffering. ... patient-centered care.
August 2019

Ode to olive oil

Diet is of profound importance to health, leaving all of us who care about the length of our lives and the quality of our health with variants on the theme of ... patient-centered care.
August 2019

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