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For med students, when does follow-up cross the line?

While it's meant as a way of improving care and learning, it can be interpreted as a violation of patient privacy. ... Brisson. These include providing patient-centered care and maintaining autonomy, privacy, and confidentiality, but extending them into
March 2017

Former EVP/CEO reflects on his tenure at the College

their own care, as well as understanding their perspectives about how practices and health care systems need to deliver care in a way that is much more patient-centered. ... such as the importance of patient-centered care and the concern about improving
November 2016

On beyond Zika

patient-centered care.
August 2019

Twitter: a medical help, hindrance or hype?

Now that Twitter has entered the world, however, all kinds of good could come of it, according to Ted Eytan, MD, a family physician who studies patient-centered health care and ... Already, he uses Twitter to keep up on his colleagues' work in
April 2009

Improving access tops list of small-office tips

Barr said.“ You can't provide patient-centered care if your patients can't reach you.”. ... In a poorly organized practice, everything from refills to patient self-management suffers.
June 2008

Noncompliant patient-centeredness

What does patient-centered care look like with non-compliant patients? If you look up the word“ compliance” in a thesaurus, the first synonym (at least in my thesaurus) is“ obedience ... All of these things allow me to give better care. So what
August 2019

Chewing the fat, again

patient-centered care.
August 2019

ACP services satisfy a broad array of internists' needs

It includes modules on all aspects of patient-centered care and an assessment tool that covers the 2011 standards for the National Committee for Quality Assurance as well as those of ... The center will engage patients, families and patient organizations
November 2013

Communication skills vital to cancer conversations

Louis School of Medicine in Missouri. Shared decision making is similar to patient-centered care, Dr. ... this with the patient as well.“ But a lot of people say,‘ What about categories 1 and 2A?
September 2013

Unjunking ourselves!

disease, and an internationally recognized leader in integrative medicine and patient-centered care.
August 2019

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