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Baby boomers' health isn't what they expect

Dr. Vayani will check everything from bloodwork for anemia to the patient's life circumstances. ... Vayani said. But the patient did agree to monitor her blood pressure at home.
July 2012

Consider race-based risks, but treat patients individually

Once in the doctor's office, though, a patient's treatment is an individual matter. ... Bloch said. “We have already identified this patient as having uncontrolled high blood pressure.
July 2008

Patients find medical home in Pennsylvania

Standard 4: Patient Self-Management Support Points (6). A. Assesses language preference and other communication barriers 2. ... B. Actively supports patient self-management 4. Standard 5: Electronic Prescribing Points (8).
April 2009

New algorithm helps weed out unneeded drugs in the elderly

Would you give aspirin to this patient? Statins? How about a week ago? ... Mangin. The consideration process should significantly involve the patient, according to the GP-GP authors.
May 2011

Behind the scenes at ACP, policy can improve patient care

ACP was able to help. By carefully crafting evidence-based policies, the College can influence regulatory agencies and advocate for better patient care. ... The 2 committees worked together and formed a short-term workgroup including members with
November 2016

Lupus presentation may be an ‘imitator’

Then once the diagnosis is confirmed, I would view management as a partnership between internist, rheumatologist, and the patient,” he said. ... The influence of the 1997 updated classification criteria for systemic lupus erythematosus: epidemiology,
November 2014

Mistrust, costs, side effects keep patients from taking pills

NEW ORLEANS—No patient walks through the door with a sign proclaiming that she isn't adhering to her medication. ... Carney said. One potential drawback: when a patient skips a day, he skips all of his pills for that day.
February 2009

What's new in other College publications

Enroll today! ACPNet: Analyze your practice patterns and effectively improve your clinical practice and patient management. ... Participate in these current ACPNet projects: ACPNet Pain Management and ACPNet COPD Project.
November 2008

NCQA recognizes specialists' efforts at care coordination

access and communication,. identification of patient population,. referral coordination,. planning and management of care,. ... that clarify patient management and comanagement responsibilities.
May 2013

‘Gently does it,’ caring for adults with autism

Don't assume that because the patient becomes aggressive it's an emotional problem. ... For help with clinical issues and medical management, the brochures Your Next Patient Has Autism and Autism Toolkit for Healthcare Professionals are invaluable.
November 2008

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