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Simply difficult

But in a way, I do know, as backstories are not limited to the patient side of the equation. ... Does it hurt my patients to have me bring my own pain into the patient encounter?
October 2020

Understand patient expectations as part of a negotiation

Your Doctor: A Patient's Guide to Communication in the Exam Room and Beyond.” But the message isn't just for patients, he cautioned; the physician has a role in the ... Q: What are the systemic barriers to doctor-patient communication? A: Time.
July 2014

Dismissing preferences?

Dismissing preferences? At the International Conference on Communication in Healthcare, which I just returned from, there was a discussion continuously coursing beneath the surface and bubbling up every once in a ... His research interests include
October 2020

Care, primarily

Primary care is about relationship, about doctor knowing patient and patient knowing doctor. ... But I do think the pressure to become an E/M coding machine, for focusing on the business over the patient, is getting progressively stronger.
October 2020

What is quality?

According to me:. [T]he ability to bring more than one style of communication to bear in meeting the needs of a varied patient base. ... That’s simple (not the same as easy): time. Taking the time to listen, get to know what kind of communication the
October 2020

Campaign promises

I had an amazing day on Friday. It started with a phone call from a local physician, one who I have never seen as an outside-the-box thinker...
October 2020

Overcoming shame

This, of course, brings me back to the idea of patient-centered care. ... How do we address issues, such as weight, smoking, and non-compliance in a way that is patient-centered?
October 2020

Helping clinicians improve care for sexual, gender minorities

exam most comfortable, and be ready to stop the exam immediately, if requested by the patient. ... If the patient is not comfortable sharing that he has engaged in anal intercourse, for example, then the provider won't screen for rectal sexually
April 2015

'You are welcome'

Patient 2: Self-pay (have high-deductible insurance and a health savings account). ... Patient 4: Commercial insurance. Age: 40s. Significant head injury without loss of consciousness.
October 2020

QD--News Every Day: What's keeping you busy these days?

E-mails averaged 16.8 per day: 59.3% to interpret test results, 21.7% for patient responses, 9.3% for administrative problems, 5.0% for acute problems, 2.8% for ... Imaging reports averaged 11.1 per day, usually requiring patient communication and
October 2020

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