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Making nice

Over the summer, a couple of news stories stood out to me as examples of lemons and lemonade. First, the prix du citron : Tony Hayward of B...
November 2020


365 days ago, I expected my 18 years in practice, and my patient-centered style would overcome my patients’ caution at embracing a different system of care. ... I want to improve communication, put better tools in the hands of my patients, become
November 2020

Understand patient expectations as part of a negotiation

Your Doctor: A Patient's Guide to Communication in the Exam Room and Beyond.” But the message isn't just for patients, he cautioned; the physician has a role in the ... Q: What are the systemic barriers to doctor-patient communication? A: Time.
July 2014

Dr. Nobody

I found the room and went in, greeted with a big smile from my patient and her husband. ... They don’t know my patient, and will soon forget about her when she leaves.
November 2020


Which would be bad since sometimes I might be the only “cousin” or family that patient has. ... At the very end of that clinic visit that patient told me about her grandchildren.
November 2020

The gospel

I was told one thing. That your aortic heart valve was narrow and tight and that, just maybe, one day very soon you would need that valve re...
November 2020

The big picture

Many hard things. Yes, I agree with that assessment. She's been my patient for more than a decade, and I've had a front row seat to her life.
November 2020

No predictions

A patient asks me if she should take an aspirin to prevent heart disease. ... His research interests include doctor-patient communication, bioethics, and systematic reviews. He is also a poet, journalist and translator in Yiddish and English.
November 2020

Test responsibly

Responsible testing involves engaging a patient in a discussion about the clinical circumstances, the reliability of testing, and the likelihood of the results having an impact on management. ... Isn't that why medical testing requires a physician's order
November 2020

Prevention paradox

I feel strongly that a clinician's primary responsibility is to the patient in front of him, not to the population as a whole, so I don't see an easy
November 2020

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