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Peer-led education requires strategy to be effective

Culturally sensitive, peer-to-peer communication plays a large role in the program's success, Dr. ... Peers have unique lifestyle knowledge that I don't have.”. But communication is just 1 part of a program, as Dr.
October 2015

E-mailing with patients can improve patient-centered care

Technological advances are also patient communication and satisfaction measures, helping people arrange appointments, review test results and receive medical advice. ... What is holding back e-mail communication between patients and physicians? Perhaps
November 2013

Patients band together to research conditions, themselves

Web site acknowledges), the placebo effect and patient bias could impact the quality of the data. ... Other concerns about the site include the influence of pharmaceutical companies and patient privacy.
October 2008

Is informed consent overrated?

Is informed consent overrated? Physicians now practice in the era of patient autonomy. ... What is your decision?”. Not an easy labyrinth for a normal patient to navigate through.
October 2020

Help from afar: telemedicine vs. telephone advice for stroke

With telemedicine, you can make a visual assessment of the patient; you can see where you are going,” Dr. ... With telemedicine, there is less ambiguity because the consulting physician can actually see the patient and do an exam, she said.
April 2009

Jury is out on truth in clinical trials

A digest of this month's issue, including the risks and drawbacks of stopping clinical trials early for benefit, colon cancer screening and an update on an early adopter of patient ... other preventive screenings and stepping up patient education.
January 2009

Celebrities, candidates irresponsible about vaccination opinions

Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has been in the health care headlines recently, saying the HPV vaccine was dangerous. Although doct...
October 2020

Sorting out the worst offenders among herbal supplements

And some don't even want to open that box because a patient might, for example, talk for 20 minutes about why passion flower and willow bark are so important to ... Then I try to find the most evidence-based and least toxic [supplement] to explore
October 2009

Dog days

This is an enormously difficult task. 3. Integrate with every communication tool possible. ... Integrated task-management (shared between patient and their care team) is my goal.
October 2020

Conversing about cancer at ASCO conference

Physician-patient communication has been tied to important outcomes, including quality of life, and a variety of strategies to improve communication exist. ... Image by iStock. Although there's a natural tendency to focus on the more clinical aspects of
September 2018

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