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Applying the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) to rheumatology

What else have they tried? --Quality (description) of the pain. – Dull, aching, stiffness, burning, etc? ... If joint function is normal, consider surrounding tissues as the cause of pain.
January 2020

More on the epidemic of prescription opiate use and abuse

2. The death rates from poisoning by opioid pain medications more than tripled during that time. ... Nancy has multiple sclerosis. She uses crutches and has back and arm pain.
January 2020

Creating dependency: Is that what we do for a living?

Humans view torture, deliberately causing another being to have pain, as vile and unacceptable. ... nurses were encouraged to rate a person's pain on a scale of 1-10.
January 2020

New warning on SGLT2 inhibitors, REMS approved

The REMS program also requires training to be available for all clinicians involved in pain management, not only for prescribers. ... Brand name: Minivelle). Ticagrelor tablets (60 mg and 90 mg) for post-acute coronary syndrome management.
November 2018

It was not a great idea to prescribe sedatives, opiates, and stimulants to just about everybody

In our opiate dependent patients, we need to re-assess their pain and the causes of it and research the options that might be helpful. ... The opium poppy and its derivatives can abruptly change the outlook of a person who has the acute pain of a broken
January 2020

More research needed on long-term opioids

This issue covers topics including opioid pain management, malnutrition, and ‘incidentalomas' during imaging. ... Charlotte Huff talks to pain management experts about ways to quantify pain, reduce chances of long-term opioid use, and assess patients'
April 2015

The symptom or the problem?

The symptom or the problem? "I don't know if I want to take this pain medicine," people have told me more than once. ... If we can determine that someone's lower back pain is not dangerous, but (as in most cases) we will never figure out to what specific
January 2020

First AI device approved to detect diabetic retinopathy

The most common adverse reactions were back pain, headache, restless leg syndrome, decreased vitamin D levels, dizziness, and constipation. ... for local and regional anesthesia and acute pain management.
June 2018

QD: News Every Day--Opioid overdoses taking more of a toll among women than men

When including illegal opiates, there were more than 943,00 emergency visits by women for drug misuse or abuse in 2010, mostly for cocaine or heroin, benzodiazepines and opioid pain relievers. ... Health-care providers who treat women for pain should use
January 2020

Elements of chronic pain are often overlooked

Often, medicines for chronic pain [as for other conditions] don’t work that well. • ... Pain is a symptom experienced by nearly everyone at some time or another.
January 2020

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