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Enroll today! ACPNet: Analyze your practice patterns and effectively improve your clinical practice and patient management. ... Participate in these current ACPNet projects: ACPNet Pain Management and ACPNet COPD Project.
November 2008

Of drugs and rectal pain

Of drugs and rectal pain. I had a patient who was a real pain in the ass. ... Wait. No. He was actually a really nice guy. He wasn't a pain in the ass, he had a real pain in the ass.
September 2020

‘Mastering Medicine Together’ at ACP's annual meeting

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Waiver Training Workshop” and “Pregnancy for the Internist: Before, During, and After” will both be held on Tuesday, April 21, and “Optimizing Pain Management in an Environment
March 2020

QD: News Every Day--Opioid complications occur post-operatively in 0.5% of cases

Consult a pharmacist or pain management expert when converting from one opioid to another, or changing the route of administration from oral to IV or transdermal;. ... Avoid using opioids to meet an arbitrary pain rating or a planned discharge date.
September 2020

ACPNET brings continuing medical education into the clinic

use and pain management. ... instructions about proper eating and the patient self-management module.
March 2008

QD: News Every Day--Internists mixed in their views on managing opioids

It's difficult to interact with patients in pain, and the risks of abuse can damage patients and careers alike. ... Pearls for safe and efficient opioid management include:. --set clear upper limits on dosing.
September 2020

‘New narrative’ for back pain means managing modalities

Alternative treatments like mindful meditation, acupuncture, mindful stress reduction, tai chi, yoga, and cognitive behavioral therapy can play a role in the management of chronic back pain. ... management of chronic lower back pain.
May 2018

Crackdowns on painkillers may deny some legitimate uses

Applying that to pain management, he suggests accepting a degree of false positives instead of missing patients with true pain: "I'd rather be taken for a sucker once in a ... Until there is better clarity from both law enforcement and pain specialists
September 2020

Doctors can't charge add-on fees

medical license renewal fee. DEA fee. state-mandated pain management course fee.
September 2020

ACP programs provide best practices to ensure the best care

Participation is currently open for ACPNet's quality improvement projects on pain management and COPD.
January 2009

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