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FDA update

The FDA announced plans to add new warnings to opioids and to ban powdered medical gloves last week. ... Immediate-release opioids will carry a new boxed warning about the serious risks of misuse, abuse, addiction, overdose, and death.
March 2016

Could drone deliveries help reverse opioid overdoses?

During an opioid overdose, every minute that passes could mean life or death. ... pretty large data set of Detroit-based first response runs to the scenes of actual or suspected opioid overdoses.
September 2020


prescription opioids, 11.5 million (4.7%) misused them, and 1.9 million (0.8%) had a use disorder. ... To estimate the prevalence of prescription opioid use, misuse, and use disorders and motivations for misuse among U.S.
August 2017


One-tenth of all people who use opioids account for three-fourths of all opioid use in the United States, a research report found. ... The top 10% of those who used opioids were older (average age, 47 vs.
September 2017

Guidance limited for treating acute pain

That all being said,” he added, “there is a need to also focus on the cautious use of opioids in treating severe acute pain in addressing our opioid crisis.”. ... Association of emergency department opioid initiation with recurrent opioid use. Ann
February 2018


The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) recently updated its guidelines on chronic use of opioid analgesics. ... Treatment agreements. Written informed consent and treatment agreements are recommended for long-term, chronic opioid therapy.
May 2017

Perioperative care

About 6% of previously opioid-naive patients continued to use opioids more than three months after both major and minor elective surgical procedures, a recent study found. ... They noted limitations, such as how they did not capture actual opioid
April 2017

‘Gold standard’ underused for substance misuse

opioid agonist, such as methadone or buprenorphine, just replaces one addiction with another. ... is a much safer opioid than all the other opioids that are prescribed.”.
November 2020


During the study, 375,266 nonresearch opioid-related payments were made to 68,177 physicians, totaling $46,158,388. ... Although opioid prescribing declined nationally during the study period, these results should prompt an examination of industry
August 2017


discuss other analgesics to try before opioids, with an option to escalate to them if needed. ... The analysis of 5.2 million prescriptions for opioids issued from the ED showed that the percentage of opioid prescriptions exceeding seven days was 84% to
October 2017

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