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QD: News Every Day--Clinicians need to consider what 'vegetarian' diets are, rather than their effect on longevity

Vegetarian diets are associated with lower all-cause mortality and with some reductions in cause-specific mortality, but dietary guidance should question every aspect of nutrition as well, a study and ... Still, they noted, the study drew only an
November 2019

Evidence lacking that organic food is healthier

The studies found no difference in health outcomes between people eating organic and conventional food. ... There may be lots of other good reasons to buy and eat organic food.
November 2019

Diet research, stuck in the stone age

Sillier still, all plant food is a carbohydrate source. A truly “low-carb” diet is, of necessity, low in all plant foods, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, and lentils along ... The study did not provide this level of detail about the
November 2019

Invincible food, vulnerable father and son

It is clearly more than a full day's supply of food for many in the target audience. ... Even one of the founding fathers of our Paleo diet understanding asserts, and forcefully, that nearly8 billion Homo sapiens simply cannot be substantially
November 2019

Of course food is addictive! Why is anything else?

Food is on the very short list of reasons addiction is physiologically possible. ... Food, and sex, are why addiction exists. Given this, some very interesting questions follow logically.
November 2019

Best diets of 2018 are deja vu all over again

Accordingly, all of the top scoring diets emphasize the principles none has ever summarized better than Michael Pollan: real food, not too much, mostly plants. ... These diets, followed by the “flexitarian” diet, won top honors because they are sound,
November 2019

What we know about diet, and why time is of the essence

My point here is that the only difference between this scenario and what we know about diet and health is time. ... unjustified. Variations on the theme of good diets foster vitality and longevity, and fortuitously, redound to the benefit of the planet
November 2019

The family dinner

Some use the traditional appellation, “hunter-gatherer,” to place emphasis on hunting in the first position, and the relative primacy of animal foods in our native diet. ... Domestication of other species had not yet been invented. So, our
November 2019

What works well for weight loss

Photo by Kevin Berne. Nutrition and weight loss have become crucial issues to internists. ... In addition to learning about nutrition, patients should have a strategy for self-monitoring.
June 2017

Gluten-free diets: miracle or hype?

Gluten-free diets: miracle or hype? If you've ever made bread, you're intimately familiar with gluten. ... The protein is found in wheat and related grains that are food staples in large parts of the world.
November 2019

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