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For hypertension, how low to go?

They point out that the average systolic reading, based on data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, is 136 mm Hg for adults age 60 and older getting treatment, ... Hypertension among adults in the United States: National Health and
April 2014

Warning on IBS drug for patients without gallbladders

The drug, which reduces the frequency of diarrhea by inhibiting the production of serotonin by carcinoid tumors, is approved to be taken orally three times daily with food.
May 2017

Calculating risk for cholesterol drugs

The various guidelines and recommendations concur in several key areas, including the importance of emphasizing better diet and other nondrug lifestyle changes, the benefits of statins, and the need for frank
November 2015

Warning about mixing protease inhibitors with statins

The test was approved for adults in 1996. Pancrelipase (Ultresa and Viokace) to help aid food digestion. ... enzymes. Viokace, in combination with a proton-pump inhibitor, is used to treat adults who cannot digest food normally, such as those with
May 2012

What we know about diet, and why time is of the essence

My point here is that the only difference between this scenario and what we know about diet and health is time. ... unjustified. Variations on the theme of good diets foster vitality and longevity, and fortuitously, redound to the benefit of the planet
August 2019

Generic pioglitazone, new HIV combination pill approved

A class I recall of Baxter Healthcare Automix Automated Nutrition Compounder Systems, due to incorrect key press responses, caused by fluid entry into device keypads, and intermittent electrical failures, which could ... The first generic version of
November 2012

Risks seen with anemia, asthma drugs; insulin syringes recalled

Liraglutide (Victoza) as an adjunct to diet and exercise to improve glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes. ... It is not recommended as first-line therapy for patients who have inadequate glycemic control on diet and exercise, and pancreatitis
April 2010

Start with bloodwork to diagnose anemia

Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) and NHANES III suggest that anemia affects 2% of men, 9% to 12% of non-Hispanic white women, up to 22%
March 2013

Managing medications in patients with heart failure

counter products, providing information about which ones to avoid and educating them about the effect of diet choices and unnecessary medications or supplements on their heart failure. ... That is much better than spending money in these health food
February 2017

Good nutrition, in circles on the road to nowhere

Good nutrition, in circles on the road to nowhere. Given the almost dizzying frequency of diet-related headlines, the 1 true revelation about nutrition is superficially the least likely: There is ... Never entirely. And this problem is especially acute
August 2019

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