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Of course food is addictive! Why is anything else?

Food is on the very short list of reasons addiction is physiologically possible. ... Food, and sex, are why addiction exists. Given this, some very interesting questions follow logically.
August 2019

Best diets of 2018 are deja vu all over again

Accordingly, all of the top scoring diets emphasize the principles none has ever summarized better than Michael Pollan: real food, not too much, mostly plants. ... These diets, followed by the“ flexitarian” diet, won top honors because they are sound,
August 2019

Doctors don't have to dread discussing dieting

The prescription is a voucher, which can be cashed in for fresh food at local farmers' markets. ... Eating a healthy diet may help improve vasomotor symptoms in postmenopausal women, according to a recent study.
November 2012

Best diet? Look beyond the beauty pageant

They eat diets of food, not too much, mostly plants; they exercise routinely; they don't smoke; they sleep enough; they are not ridiculously stressed out; and their social connections are ... Why choose between low-glycemic and low-salt, when a diet of
August 2019

Diets, doubts, and doughnuts: are we truly clueless?

How do you pair exercise, or an optimal diet, with some“ placebo control,” while keeping your study participants blind to their treatment assignment? ... If we want to know what diet is best for health, we should therefore look across the entire
August 2019

'Nutrition guidance' from the IOM: the good, the bad and the ugly

And even more important, the committee apparently did not consider whether the nutrition guidance system actually translates into "better" food choices! ... Among the ranks of foods free of calories, added sugar, sodium, saturated fat, and trans fat,
August 2019

Warning on an antipsychotic; generic rosuvastatin approval

so. The first generic version of rosuvastatin tablets, approved for the following uses: in combination with diet for the treatment of hypertriglyceridemia or hyperlipoproteinemia type III and either alone or in
June 2016

Warning about using sodium oxybate

Usage of the defective device may result in patient death. Teduglutide (Gattex) to treat adults with short bowel syndrome who need additional nutrition from parenteral nutrition. ... In a trial, 63% of patients taking the drug achieved at least a 20%
March 2013

Mobile apps no ‘magic pill’ for maintaining health

When discussing apps with his own patients, Dr. Laing recommends Fooducate, a nutrition app that includes food information and a social discussion platform, and Argus, a similar app focusing on fitness.
October 2015

Diabetes remission through diet may be doable, with support

Another small but longer trial, published in December 2017 by Nutrition and Diabetes, randomized 16 adults to a very low-carb ketogenic diet and 18 adults to a moderate-carb, ... Eligible participants had to be willing to eat either diet, be willing to
May 2018

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