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Or an access thing like living in a food desert or not having transportation? ... You know? It was. It sho’ was. And Mother? Whew-weee, she loved food.” Ms.
December 2021

Unmask malnutrition with careful questions

He recommends that older patients who are finding food tasteless because they've been told to avoid salt, sugar, or otherwise limit their diet should be given the green light to ... Jensen said. If the patient is at risk, talk about nutrition at every
April 2015

Diet research, stuck in the stone age

Sillier still, all plant food is a carbohydrate source. A truly “low-carb” diet is, of necessity, low in all plant foods, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, and lentils along ... The study did not provide this level of detail about the
December 2021

The greatest diet myth of all

7) Do you agree that best diets minimize fast food, junk food, and hyper-processed food in general? ... 8) Do you agree that best diets emphasize recognizable foods direct from nature?
December 2021

Of course food is addictive! Why is anything else?

Food is on the very short list of reasons addiction is physiologically possible. ... Food, and sex, are why addiction exists. Given this, some very interesting questions follow logically.
December 2021

Best diets of 2018 are deja vu all over again

Accordingly, all of the top scoring diets emphasize the principles none has ever summarized better than Michael Pollan: real food, not too much, mostly plants. ... These diets, followed by the “flexitarian” diet, won top honors because they are sound,
December 2021

QD: News Every Day--Americans generally get enough vitamins and minerals

Food and Drug Administration introduced mandatory folic acid fortification of enriched cereal grain products in 1998. ... the intentional small reduction in the amount of folic acid added to foods.
December 2021

Food and fun available in the nation's capital

701 701 Pennsylvania Ave. 202-393-0701 Contemporary American food with live jazz. ... Komi 1509 17th St. NW 202-332-9200 Excellent, upscale Mediterranean food with Greek influence recently rated one of the top D.C.
April 2008

Best diet? Look beyond the beauty pageant

They eat diets of food, not too much, mostly plants; they exercise routinely; they don't smoke; they sleep enough; they are not ridiculously stressed out; and their social connections are ... Why choose between low-glycemic and low-salt, when a diet of
December 2021

Invincible food, vulnerable father and son

It is clearly more than a full day's supply of food for many in the target audience. ... Even one of the founding fathers of our Paleo diet understanding asserts, and forcefully, that nearly8 billion Homo sapiens simply cannot be substantially
December 2021

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