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Disconnect between technologists and the real world of frontline medicine

a few technology entrepreneurs along the way, must only be done if it's proven to actually work. ... His other clinical interests include quality improvement, hospital safety, hospital utilization, and the use of technology in health care.
October 2020

Telemedicine surges during the coronavirus pandemic

A new patient sees me to evaluate frequent heartburn. • A college student returning from a spring break camping trip in Central America sees me for diarrhea. • ... A 35-year-old new patient is referred to me for abdominal cramps that occur after
October 2020

Intertwining patients in their care management

Patients also give the system positive reviews, even those who might not be expected to adopt new technology. ... Moore. “What we hope is to create a relationship between patient and Twine where they always are working on new goals.”.
March 2015

Futuristic medicine

It's the same amazement I experienced when I first read about a new piece of technology called a ‘fax machine’. ... There will be huge advances, but as with all technology, there will be a cost.
October 2020

Death of the stethoscope?

For those of you unfamiliar with the technology, this is not your father’s ultrasound machine. ... The authors cite a number of studies that support the utility of the technology and, rightfully, liken it to an extension of the stethoscope.
October 2020

Artificial intelligence and medicine, is your doctor obsolete?

New 2 Script. Wednesday, October 10, 2018..
October 2020

What is distracting doctors more than electronic devices?

New 2 Script. Friday, January 6, 2012.. ... What is distracting doctors more than electronic devices? I admittedly snorted out loud when I read a New York Times article earlier last week regarding increased physician distraction due to electronic
October 2020

Do women need an annual pelvic exam?

A new article in the Journal of Women's Health by Westhoff, Jones, and Guiahi asks "Do New Guidelines and Technology Make the Routine Pelvic Examination Obsolete?". ... New technology currently in development may eventually allow for equivalent screening
October 2020

First FDA-approved app

Sway Medical has come up with an app called "Sway Balance," that uses nothing more than existing technology in current smartphones to test an individual's balance. ... The app is free but will require a $200 subscription. When I see a product that can
October 2020

Consider offering in-office labs

Increased regulation and reduced reimbursement should be balanced against new technology and a greatly expanded range of tests available. ... On the other hand, new technology has significantly reduced equipment and reagent costs, and greatly expanded
September 2009

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