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Obesity is heaviest in the South and Appalachia

Two-thirds of American adults are either overweight or obese, a rate that grew from 15% for 1978-80 to 32% in 2003-04.
January 2008

Federal health care spending per capita, by state

The U.S. spends more than $2 trillion annually on health care, but public health experts debate where that money should go to produce better results.
June 2008

Diversity of medical students by parental income

The organization's January 2008 Analysis in Brief reported that, with medical school debt increasing much more rapidly than physician incomes, a continuation of the trends “would be a warning that
April 2008

Black & white

One last item: Because of "national trends," GlassHospital has recently reached an agreement to sell its own outpatient dialysis units.
November 2020

Psychotropic drug prescriptions by medical specialty

Source: Psychiatric Services, 2009;9(60):1167, and Healthcare Business of Thomson Reuters. The Figure used data from August 2006 to July 2007 from the IMS National Prescription Audit Plus database,
November 2009

Spare the emergency visit for skin and soft-tissue infections

National trends in ambulatory visits and antibiotic prescribing for skin and soft-tissue infections.
November 2012

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