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QD: News Every Day--Human brains consistent despite other racial differences

axis. Each dot represents a comparison between two individuals. The research appeared in the Journal Nature and was described by the National Institutes of Health in a press release. ... periods. Sex differences in the risk for certain mental disorders
January 2020

How the VA can help our female veterans

Research has shown that women didn't define themselves as veterans in the past, and this is changing," said Antonette Zeiss, PhD, a clinical psychologist and Acting Chief for Mental Health ... Men had slightly higher rates of PTSD. According to the
January 2020

Searching for signs of eating disorders

Regardless, the threshold for referral to a mental health professional should be low, said Dr. ... Pearlstein. “Internists may wish to try these drugs for bulimia and binge eating disorder, but treating eating disorders will require the involvement of
February 2013

2019 International Forum highlights physician well-being

As well, physicians can be susceptible to stress and mental health issues yet are reluctant to disclose these due to the perceived stigma and fear of retribution, often times from our ... to the caregiver culture, the local societal beliefs around mental
October 2019

Finesse required to treat anxiety in the elderly

Discussing the patient's mental health history is imperative because most anxiety disorders first appear earlier in life, said David R. ... In: Diwan S, ed. Mental Health and Older Adults Electronic Resource Reviews.
January 2013

Screening for PTSD after life-threatening medical events

Internists who feel their patients may be at risk for developing PTSD or have symptoms of PTSD should offer to refer their patients to mental health professionals, but they should not ... Dr. Edmondson stressed the importance of working with the patient.
November 2015

The microbiome's profound effect on health

The microbiome's profound effect on health. I am fascinated by the new research and information on the gut microbiome. ... They intend to test how changes in the human microbiome are associated with human health or disease.
January 2020

If they care for their employees, health care organizations should be doing more of this

Health care organizations therefore actually owe a focus on mental and physical wellness to their employees. ... Physical and mental health are also intrinsically intertwined. Unhealthy employees, whether due to physical or emotional health, dramatically
January 2020

QD: News Every Day--More hospital outpatients seen by non-physicians

to 15%, while the percentage of joint physician/nonphysician clinician visits remained at about 3%, health researchers found. ... practical nurse, mental health provider or some other provider.
January 2020

QD: News Every Day--Suicides actually slow during the holidays, but media preserves the myth

Suicide rates slow around the holidays, not increase, but media reports continue to promote the myth that more people do kill themselves thi...
January 2020

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