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Overlooking PAD in primary care

We've written before about the best way for internists to ensure that their primary care patients are also getting good mental health care.
April 2011

Internal medicine can slow climate change, improve health

Mental health disorders. These are related to natural disasters and include post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, isolation, and anxiety. ... 3. The health care sector should implement environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient practices.
July 2016

Mandate puts e-prescribing on front burner

The government got serious this summer about pushing doctors toward using electronic health records (EHRs). ... Recognizing red flags and asking questions during a primary care visit can be the key to uncovering PTSD in patients who are often reluctant
September 2008

Retrospethics [Updated.]

A few weeks ago I wrote about dubious medical research from the 1950s involving prostate biopsies on skid row alcoholics. The research had ...
November 2020

QD: News Every Day--Congress was close to passing health care reform

He suggested starting the whole process over. (The Hill, Politico). Mental health care. ... Mental health parity regulations released by the federal government will take effect July 1.
November 2020

Courage, sacrifice, and internal medicine—a year in review

adequate mental health care, and fight against any and all discrimination. ... We are master diagnosticians in addition to practicing disease prevention and population health.
April 2017

8 ways that members can guide College activities

I have been speaking nationally and internationally about the health effects of global climate change. ... allergies, asthma, chronic health conditions, and effects on mental health.
March 2017

Work up the whole patient when treating IBS

She said it's important to explain what she's referring them for and offers to call to explain to the mental health specialist why she is making the referral, especially ... It's best to use psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health
November 2009

Improving the practice environment and payment reform

to appeal prescription denials when they switch to a new qualified health plan. ... The paper proposes specific ways to better integrate mental health with the care provided by primary care internists.
November 2015

QD: News Every Day--Rise in antidepressants brought into question

Reducing fragmented care to improve the delivery of mental health services and foster better collaboration among providers. ... Yet paradoxically, a large proportion of patients with common mental disorders do not receive needed treatment because their
November 2020

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