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Improving access key to reform, says Commonwealth Fund VP

Art 1 One source of information about health policy is the Commonwealth Fund. ... states. The set of 37 indicators is broad and includes subjects as diverse as access to mental health care, infant mortality and adult immunization rates.
May 2008

QD: News Every Day--More Medicaid funding on the books

to cut mental health programs and close facilities. ... The result is that patients who'd relied on publically funded programs to address mental health issues, or just not get so frustrated at a lack of resources, sometimes turn violent
November 2020

Depression linked to cardiac death

They used self-reported symptoms of depression and antidepressant use, and then examined those with the most severe symptoms on a mental health index or those regularly using antidepressants. ... Low mental health index scores were associated with an
November 2020

After the election, a time for reflection

Reducing administrative burdens that interfere with the patient-physician relationship. Improving access to mental health services and integration of behavioral health into team-based primary care. ... I think these are issues that involve the
January 2017

Maintaining men's health in middle age

However, many in the health community are hesitant to compare the 2 conditions. ... Dr. Bhasin underscored that the treatment of any conditions affecting middle-aged men should be done within the context of encouraging a healthy lifestyle, including both
April 2014

Primary care takes on opioid addiction

As of one year later, about 39,211 prescribers have been certified, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), although Dr. ... Find a doctor. Not sure who's prescribing in your area? Search for those who choose
October 2017

Firearm-related injuries, deaths in Charleston and beyond

mental health care programs to address “at-risk” individuals, sensible reporting laws, and elimination of “gag laws” that prohibit physicians from discussing gun safety issues during clinical encounters. ... can build on our important work to
October 2015

Is Trump mentally unfit for office? The Goldwater Rule violated

The rule advises against psychiatrists commenting on the mental health of public figures they have not examined. ... Mental health professionals train for years and throughout their careers to gain and maintain necessary skills for diagnosing and
November 2020

The health care system needs a change of heart

Mental health issues crowd emergency departments, as few mental health clinics are available. ... Persons with little interest in their own health continue to smoke and drink, use Meth and eat poorly.
November 2020

Six months post-disaster, challenges remain for Japanese medicine

lack of support for mental health needs.
September 2011

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