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When health care workers strike

When health care workers strike. In a relatively unusual development, mental health professionals who work for Kaiser Permanente in California went on strike. ... At issue is the demand for mental health services, and the perception by the employees that
September 2019

Unmasking the patient's hidden agenda

Dr. Gilson has a special interest in mental health, and three days before he saw this patient, he had led a focus group on suicide prevention in primary care medicine.“ The ... Debra Roter, PhD, a professor of health policy and management at Johns
September 2009

QD: News Every Day--More Medicaid funding on the books

to cut mental health programs and close facilities. ... The result is that patients who'd relied on publically funded programs to address mental health issues, or just not get so frustrated at a lack of resources, sometimes turn violent
September 2019

Practice uses ACP survey for peer review, quality improvement

True North is a nonprofit, multispecialty integrated health center and research organization whose 28 practitioners include physicians, advanced practice nurses, mental health practitioners, pharmacists, chiropractors, life coaches, fitness trainers,
February 2010

Depression linked to cardiac death

They used self-reported symptoms of depression and antidepressant use, and then examined those with the most severe symptoms on a mental health index or those regularly using antidepressants. ... Low mental health index scores were associated with an
September 2019

Perfecting the post-discharge visit

Gurwitz said. Even if a patient's health benefited from returning to the hospital (which would depend upon the individual scenario, Dr. ... communicating about any psychosocial dynamics, such as mental health difficulties, gaps in caregiver support, and
September 2015

‘Wearables' warrant wary expectations

electronic health record, be secured against hacking, and have associated reimbursement for the management of the data, she said. ... Embedded sensors in smart pills already exist. The FDA has approved Abilify MyCite (aripiprazole tablets with sensor)
July 2018

Is Trump mentally unfit for office? The Goldwater Rule violated

The rule advises against psychiatrists commenting on the mental health of public figures they have not examined. ... Mental health professionals train for years and throughout their careers to gain and maintain necessary skills for diagnosing and
September 2019

Work-life balance easily upset, tough to restore

Doctors sometimes struggle with their own poor health choices, as busy days in the office are carried home. ... Schattner said. She pointed out that hospital boards or malpractice companies can ask if a doctor has sought mental health assistance, or
April 2013

Community projects rely on local doctors for larger success

Haughton's family residency program, a community health center, and a neighborhood free medical clinic. ... These can include problems with food and housing, mental health, substance abuse or language interpreter services.
May 2008

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