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Creating a practice that's open to GLBT patients

But the specialized needs of GLBT patients extend beyond their sexual health, Dr. ... Freund said. They may have greater need of mental health care.“ You're going to see much more depression, anxiety, panic,” he said.
January 2013

Learning to parry patient requests

The remainder of the time, the doctor explored the request in more detail or offered an alternate diagnosis or approach, such as a diagnostic workup or a referral to a mental ... I just feel like you don't have to do it. It's radiation to the individual
March 2011

Coping skills, counseling best for low back pain

any underlying mental health issues, among other measures, Dr. ... Too often, insurance coverage is limited for other types of health care that may be helpful, such as physical therapy or mental health services, he said.
November 2013

Physicians step up as initiatives change nursing home care

Dr. Magnuson also stressed that legislators need to hear physicians' perspectives on nursing home care.“ The only time things change in mental health care is when someone at the national or ... Kennedy's sister Rosemary had mental health problems, or
May 2015

New drugs approved for hypertension, lupus and COPD

The potential exists for leakage and possible loss of sterility, which may lead to serious adverse health consequences and/or death. ... It is not intended to treat COPD that involves primary emphysema and comes with a medication guide informing patients
May 2011

Asking right questions key to detecting abuse

Zink said. This balance might change if someone becomes ill, or if there is a change in one partner's mental health status. ... Medical Association quickly countered by saying health care providers should continue screening those patients.
March 2009

Variety of coding changes loom for 2013

All of these codes represent an innovative step in health claim reporting: the inclusion of non-face-to-face work and time. ... writing) for the transition of a beneficiary from care furnished by a treating physician during a hospital stay, skilled
November 2012

Mind-body role may matter in heart disease

They can do that by coming up with a differential diagnosis that can be treated with targeted mental health interventions, he said. ... And the potential link between mental health and heart disease adds more heft to the connection.“ There are already
October 2015

Cholesterol management becomes more complicated

Our story reviews the red flags that can indicate a serious problem, screening tools that can be useful, and suggestions on when to refer a patient to a mental health professional. ... Read about ACP's 10th decade, featuring health care reform and other
November 2015

Undiagnosed diseases program tries to crack the tough cases

When a condition stumps the experts, the experts turn to a center of last resort, the federal Undiagnosed Diseases Program at the National Institutes of Health. ... Among the specialties available are rheumatology, immunology, oncology, mental health,
May 2012

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