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Separating anecdotes from evidence in prostate cancer screening

Ultimately, decisions about screening, like so many other decisions about testing and treatment, come down to personal preferences: how we value certain states of health, how we feel about risk and ... Health at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine.
December 2021

QD: News Every Day--Nearly half of men have HPV

To estimate incidence and clearance of genital HPV infection in men, researchers looked at men ages 18 to 70 years in from the general population, universities, and organized health-care systems ... The study highlights the need to vaccinate men, to
December 2021

Endo ‘08: new research ignites debate about best A1C goals

Erectile dysfunction is a portal into men's health,” said study senior author Aksam Yassin, MD, PhD, of the Clinic for Urology and Andrology of the Segeberger Clinics in Nordestedt, Germany. ... Since it's likely that lifestyle helps determine
September 2008

QD: News Every Day--Increasingly popular testosterone therapies may pose MI risks in men with existing heart disease

Researchers conducted a cohort study of the risk of acute, non-fatal MI following testosterone therapy among nearly 56,000 patients in a commercial health care company’s database. ... Researchers called the increased risk of MI in younger men with a
December 2021

National panel advises against prostate cancer screening

So diagnosing those men's prostate cancer doesn't help them, but exposes them to all the harms of prostate cancer treatment and all the anxieties related to being a cancer ... U.S. Panel Says No to Prostate Screening for Healthy Men (New York Times).
December 2021

Patients and priorities in prostate cancer care

Nearly 161,000 U.S. men are diagnosed annually with prostate cancer, and roughly 6 million are living today with the disease, according to data from the National Cancer Institute. ... Doctors by their nature are risk adverse. They don't want to take any
November 2017

QD: News Every Day--Men who drink heavily may face quicker cognitive declines

QD: News Every Day--Men who drink heavily may face quicker cognitive declines. ... midlife is likely to be harmful for cognitive aging, at least in men.”.
December 2021

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