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Hospital medicine a top career choice among new general internal medicine physicians

The percentage of internists seeing patients both in and out of the hospital declined by more than half between 1990 and 2017, according to an analysis of American Board of Internal Medicine certifications and Medicare claims.
17 May 2022

New analysis looks at lung cancer screening for Medicare patients

Screening Medicare patients for lung cancer results in more false positives, but also a better positive predictive value, than screening younger patients, a new study found.
9 Sep 2014

The road to advocacy's ‘Final Four’

Although ACP achieved major changes to the evaluation and management (E/M) codes, implementation of these changes has not been perfect. There is ongoing work to be done.
1 Mar 2023

Primary care physician burnout estimated to cost U.S. health care system $260 million annually

Interventions to boost practice efficiency, organizational culture, interpersonal connections with colleagues, and local leadership can improve professional fulfillment and reduce burnout, suggested the authors of a new study.
8 Mar 2022

Primary care physicians missing out on reimbursement for preventive services

Physicians provided reimbursable prevention and coordination services to 5.0% to 60.6% of Medicare patients but billed for a much smaller fraction, ranging from less than 1% for alcohol misuse or obesity counseling to 35.8% for wellness visits, a study found.
28 Jun 2022

Racial, ethnic disparities persist in U.S. health care access, spending

Recent studies looked at differences by race and ethnicity in quality of ambulatory care for patients with Medicare Advantage versus traditional Medicare, health status and health care access, and health care spending over time.
24 Aug 2021

Helping Medicare patients save money on their medications

The cost of medications can be a significant barrier for many patients who are on a fixed income or who might be taking multiple, sometimes expensive drugs. Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans might provide a solution for your patients, and there are tools to help with the enrollment process.
1 Nov 2015

ACP issues proposal to realign health care delivery, reimbursement for greater equity

The College issued seven policy recommendations on reforming payment programs, including prioritizing underserved patient populations, addressing value in health care, and achieving greater equity.
21 Jun 2022

What prescribers need to know about Medicare Part D

Effective July 1, 2015, physicians who prescribe drugs to Part D enrollees must either be enrolled in Medicare or have a valid opt-out affidavit on file in order for the prescriptions to be paid for.
1 Jun 2015

Is mastering coding worth the time?

While Medicare has added new codes to increase the reimbursement available to primary care practices, they can be difficult to implement and may not align with the integrated flow of a visit.
1 Oct 2022

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