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Proper diagnosis takes time, reflection

When considering educational reasons for diagnostic errors, Dr. Skeff focused on what is taught in medical education. ... One well-known challenge is physician burnout, which also happens to be an important contributor to medical errors, Dr.
January 2019

My first code

My first code. A real code deviates from what they depict in medical dramas like Grey's Anatomy. ... This post originally appeared at her blog, "And Thus, It Begins," which chronicles her journey through medical training from day 1 of medical school.
August 2019

Addressing unexpected loss during medical residency

Program directors are prepared for many eventualities, but the sudden death of a trainee from an accident, an acute medical event, or suicide can come without any road map for response. ... 2018 Journal of Graduate Medical Education, offering a potential
March 2019

Creating a blueprint for genomic medical training

Genomics education should be integrated into existing paradigms for teaching about health and disease, because the intersection of the patient-centered medical home and genomics requires primary care physicians and specialists ... The June 5, 2009 issue
September 2009

An eye for art among medical students

Where: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. The issue: Improving clinical observational skills among medical students. ... One of the goals of the class was to improve the way future physicians describe medical conditions, Dr.
November 2018

Case of caring

The medical students stopped offering their diagnoses a long time ago, and the mystery cases were dropped more recently. ... He then held a number of senior positions at Mount Sinai Medical Center prior to joining North Shore-LIJ.
August 2019

Physiology on the fly

Bob and da boss. He is an academic general internist at the University of Alabama School of Medicine, and is the Regional Associate Dean for the Huntsville Regional Medical Campus of ... UASOM. He still makes inpatient rounds over 100 days each year.
August 2019

Setting a course for food as medicine

Culinary medicine is a growing, evidence-based movement that brings the“ food is medicine” philosophy to medical education and beyond. ... Physician-chefs and educators explained how they incorporate culinary teachings in both medical education and
June 2018

What can the audience expect from Congress' second act?

Congress' dysfunction has led to record-low approval ratings of 11%, and continued delays in resolving issues important to physicians, such as reimbursement and medical education. ... 1, 2013. This will reduce funding for medical research, disease
February 2012

CME, industry, and outcomes

Alexander M. Djuricich, MD, FACP, is Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education and a Program Director in Medicine-Pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis. ... This post originally appeared at Mired in MedEd, where he
August 2019

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